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Shanghai rolled out first major " aquatic animals clinic " treat a disease to vi

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The home raised feline dog to fall ill, can go to the pet hospital in community, but if in aquarium view and admire piscine disease, many citizens often can find no way out. The reporter learns, give aquatic pet the demand that see a doctor to satisfy a citizen, this city already rolled out first major " aquatic animals clinic " , so far already make a diagnosis and give treatment 300 many " disease suffers from " , get the welcome of aquatic animals lover. The expert points out, what the socialization major such as aquatic animals clinic serves is arisen, solved a few citizens to raise the difficult problem of aquatic pet already, also conduce to the bitter fleabane break out that drives this city to view and admire piscine industry exhibiting.

A few days ago, the reporter comes to the aquatic animals clinic that is set inside aquatic product university, as it happens is touched on Mr Wang that lives in Min Hang area is being taken " love chelonian " will see a doctor. "This is chelonian of a book on Chinese medicine of a day, when the friend delivers, two its chela have some of oedema. " Mr Wang says, oneself already raised careless chelonian many days 10, tried to feed antiphlogistic medicine twice to it, but do not get effective all the time, nice finally not easy gift found this clinic from the net, come from Min Hang on the weekend then.

Of clinic " aquatic animals doctor " -- , the patient's condition that Professor Pan Liande that comes from Shanghai water to produce undergraduate life institute observed turtle in detail. He is diagnosed say, the oedema of this chelonian, because,the likelihood is splanchnic gave an issue, light takes antiphlogistic drug

Be no good, need " be in hospital " observation cure. Professor Pan says, "The tortoise of Mr Wang still calculates send earlier those who treat, the tortoise such as many host was about to die to just deliver, with respect to opportunity of incur loss through delay. With respect to opportunity of incur loss through delay..

Not only send rule time not seasonable, lover of some aquatic animals is returned " try anything when in a desperate situation " . Many people are flat the pet hospital that sends the tortoise near, but the vet over there crosses the aquatic such as the tortoise without make a diagnosis and give treatment, the result often is done the illness is more badly. The reporter is in of aquatic animals clinic " between tortoise be in hospital " see, over there " live " size many 50 tortoise, they contract disease of cold, dyspeptic, eye respectively...

The reporter comes to goldfish and tropical fish again subsequently " between be in hospital " , discovery has nearly 100 goldfish and tropical fish to be in cure. Among them, a rare Long Yu already " be in hospital " 3 many months, complete already now rehabilitation is preparing " leave hospital " .

"Aquatic animals clinic " be by institute of life of aquatic product university teachers and students establish independently, the graduate student with many aquatic animals professional science uses after school time to help, at the same time scientific research is carried out at the same time. Professor Pan Liande tells a reporter, at present the cure rate of aquatic animals clinic already was achieved 60% , 70% , as the fish ill scientific research level rises ceaselessly, they are planning to enlarge the dimensions of clinic further.
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