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Small hagfish of Taiwan success research and development breeds the technology p

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The small hagfish of lovely beauty, it is the star of aquatic animals course of study all along. Taiwan " farming appoint meeting " water tries a center of ocean of the eastpart part to succeed in recent years fish of clown of research and development breeds artificially technology, recently more establish progenitive plant, the technology since predicting the year after next shifts civilian firm, promote industry of antic fish aquatic animals, beforehand appraise has billion of new station money one year yuan production value.

The official name of antic fish is sea anemone fish, popular animation movie " marine general mobilization " , leading role is a pair of lovely antic fish father and son, also drive antic fish to become the star in popular pet and water, make the international prices of antic fish rises greatly. According to the estimation of industry of international aquatic animals, global business chance is as high as one billion one hundred and fifteen million and ninety-eight thousand one hundred and twelve dollars.

Small hagfish of city carry out is to come from deep-sea mostly wild fish, the mankind is excessive scoop up catch, already caused child care bound to appeal global refus buys fish of feral seawater clown; The feral small hagfish of market of Taiwan aquatic animals also comes from southeast Asia and Australian entrance likely, small make price only more than 100 yuan.

Antic fish picture

Antic fish picture

Because this water tries a center of the eastpart part,study since 2003 antic fish is man-made progenitive technology. Deputy researcher He Yuanxing says, come down 4 years, at present already establish Taiwan produces spot of fish of saddle spot actinia, eye Hai Kui is fish, white the breed aquatics of 5 kinds of antic fish such as fish of actinia of family name of a sea anemone fish, gram and fish of pink Hai Kui technology, can fall in artificial pilot environment, make antic fish successful lay eggs, be fertilized, embryonic development, hatch and grow seedlings.

Center of biology of ocean of the eastpart part builds progenitive plant further recently, preliminary already achieve a quantity to produce dimensions. Chen Wenyi expresses, center of the eastpart part will evaluate market beneficial result with a year of time first, was about 2009 main technique jib gives folk the firm, coach course of study person industry of management promotion small hagfish, assist an industry to march further international market.

In addition, water tries place to also will investigate antic fish to put the feasibility that flow, should be in stage east the antic fish that maritime space foretaste puts artificial breed near the success, hope can the antic fish that answer Yo lets breed artificially not only show the aquatic animals case in the mankind, more can new remote in time or space swims at bank of the East China Sea, the small hagfish with multiply feral more a group of things with common features group.
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