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Although fish does not have vocal cords but have their specific language content

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The person that has had maritime life experience knows, night, maritime meeting is transmitted rising and falling " singing " , this is marine in first-rate " singer " -- , contest sound fish is in sing happily in a loud voice. Other fish also has can phonate " vocal " , for instance the squid often calls same ground the shout like the dog; The dialect of sea horse likes feel uncertain sound; The voice that Indian sea area has fish of a kind of 鲹 to cry with similar piggy " speech " ; When small black carp swims " Ji Ji " , " Ji Ji " , mimic birdie is in carol; Yellow croaker can alternate all sorts of tonetic, resemble feel uncertain sometimes, learn meow sometimes, sometimes " whistle " ; Lumpfish nots piscine competence is not poor also, pig cry also is met, moan sound also is met, hit snore to also be met; Pilchard speaks of a word to come " " " " , as the surfy sound of the seaside; South America has a kind of catfish, growl rises to also can hear on a few meters of boats beyond... fish is acoustical research proof, the animal that fish also resembles land going up is same, have oneself " language " . Sound is passed quickly in water, pass far, fish depending on oneself " a member of the same clan " place is peculiar " language " undertake " dialog " and " communication " , as a result is in inky night also can take action. Otherwise, in vast brimless sea, piscine light relies on an eye to watch limited space, should live go down, it is unimaginable.

Fish language has specific content, because fish is low animal, life content is drabber, they do not need to have rich language impossibly also. But, below different condition, a lot of fish can give out different sound to pass his information really. For instance, not lumpfish the fish is caught come aboard, it is met " wow wow " howl unceasingly, show a kind of minatory attitude; If you put it in aquatic animals box, with fingering of handle gently small land it, it is glad ground light tone hum move; If you fiddle with forcibly it, it can scream like piggy rise, twist body flee in disorder. Before big yellow croaker lays eggs " Zhi Zhi " the ground calls out opposite sex companion comes round to gather together; When laying eggs " toot " " groan " the ground is murmurous; The egg laid like the hen after producing egg in that way " chuckle " carol, of sound big, often make a noise the fisherman is nightlily to must not fall asleep. According to data account, have a thalassic exit, the aluminous lever block that is gotten on in cable by a lot of suspension. There are 5 cowfishes in bay, swim near aluminous lever to use it only among them " echo positioner " had detailed spy, come back to report next. Dolphin people use harsh " Zhi Zhi " sound " chat " rise, in " discuss " in still often " the member that send " go again " check " circumstance. Control through half hours " consider " , maintain this aluminous lever barrier to do not have what danger eventually, this ability is worn one by one swim. The sound young cowfish recorded somebody to come down, broadcast mother cowfish to listen again. Mother cowfish instantly fretted anxiously 4 children that search it. This shows, it is marine fish no matter or lactation kind, use generally " language " a kind of method that regards life as the activity. Their " language " content has a few such sides: Photograph feed, contact, it is associate and offspring, dangerous to seek the opposite sex, call alert and comminatory etc. The research of this respect is very at present inadequate still, fish linguistics and underwater acoustic the research of communication system just just begins, after much work still is waited for, undertake.
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