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Aquarium equipment brands get together in Shenzhen

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Yesterday, reporters from Asia's largest supermarket chain pet and aquarium professionals hundreds of music (the original "Tony pet") Aquarium Pet Supermarket understand: they introduce a number of listed companies such as Singapore and Qian Hu Group, China's largest aquarium brand - - Zhongshan Zhenhua Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Jiabao Brand, a rising star brand settled Gusongbao aquarium, aquarium equipment industry to become a distribution center in Shenzhen. Some people called the home aquarium, fish farming is to further improve the quality of life, increase the life of a good choice for fun. Therefore, it is "naturally want to move back home," more and more people. Aquarium industry by Gradually become an important force for promoting economic development, and economic development even more, the public leisure time and disposable income, the more, and then development of the leisure industry and leisure economy. It is reported that Shenzhen is at least 30,000 people year-round support Fish, more time invested more than 10 million high-end fish farmers. The need for long-term investment as a leisure activity, the fish not only requires a one-time purchase of basic equipment, routine maintenance but also for a fee. This To form a huge consumer market. Shenzhen aquarium supplies amounted to more than 200 million yuan of annual consumption, potential, and the National Aquarium in spending 600 billion yuan.