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North Star Industrial Distribution Aquarium Castle built the largest aquarium

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Colorful tropical fish, beautiful aquarium, more and more become a household ornament. Today, the Aquarium of the charm of the city conquered people. Recently, the reporter held in Tianjin, China from the aquarium Assembly was informed days Tsu into a "once aquarium net", the public will be able to implement online purchasing fish. Meanwhile, the city will also build acres of aquatic breeding base, more than a dozen new production base of large aquarium equipment, aquarium industry, economic growth will become the new Castle Long point. Aquarium industry to become a new industry According to the China Arts and Aquarium Association, Deputy Secretary-General introduced the aquarium trade as an emerging industry, started in China's reform and opening up. At that time, the traditional Chinese goldfish aquarium, koi-based start, mainly pool Pond farming methods, on behalf of area in Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xuzhou. Varieties of goldfish to lion, dragon eye, sulfur gold, mainly blister. Generally low quality of Koi, and pond aquaculture Grass carp based. The late 20th century, 80, a high ornamental value for small and medium-sized and colorful tropical fish, marine fish, through different channels to enter the Chinese mainland market. Exotic tropical fish as "soil is not Dress, "and needs to temperature, light, feed, PH value and so more care, therefore, began to extend the industry chain aquarium, the gradual emergence of the aquarium on the market, heating pipe, finished feeds, filters, pumps and other specialized products Products. 30 years, the concept of China's gradual aquarium ornamental fish industry from a narrow concept of sublimation out, and the emergence of industry trend. 20 years ago, when people only know that goldfish, koi, tropical fish, ornamental fish, do not understand Cover the aquarium, filters, chemical and biological cotton, protein separation, UV equipment, UV lights, including the ornamental aquarium aquarium concept, to date, replacing the ornamental fish aquarium is not only the concept, has become a modern ornamental aquarium, Aqua Leisure alternative language, accepted by all. North Star District, built China's largest aquarium market Following the North China market, the largest bird fleas, one of China's largest aquarium market, "Tianjin bird fleas in the Central Market" after the completion of the North Star area, ornamental fish and Technology Park in Tianjin Binhai National Agricultural Technology in Jinnan Park next to the stream. In order to develop bigger aquarium industry, at present, North Star District, the city is located, covers an area of 1,000 acres to build a ornamental fish breeding base. It is not only breeding koi, goldfish, tropical fish, as well . At the same time, the city but also in North Star, Dongli District, such as site selection, construction of aquarium equipment production base.