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Leading to bigger Raoping Chaozhou aquarium equipment industry research carr

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23 morning, the Municipal Committee, vice mayor of the relevant departments directly under Lei Jianmin led people to Raoping how to speed up construction of aquarium equipment industry base, striving for national brand-name, bigger and stronger economy with local characteristics to conduct research. According to "Chaozhou Daily" reported Lei Jianmin has deep Haley Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong, Japanese Health Group Limited, Boyu Industrial Co., Ltd., manufacturer of aquarium equipment, inspected the production plant, product exhibition and listened to report on production and sales . He pointed out that Raoping aquarium equipment industry has developed to a certain scale, high level of product technology, similar products at home and abroad with strong competitiveness. Raoping county government should attach great importance to the development of aquarium equipment industry, to seize the current favorable opportunity to actively study the formulation of aquarium equipment industry base-building programs, supporting the building of planned industrial park, to take effective measures to promote the aquarium equipment industry base, and continuously improve investment environment, guidance and support enterprise development to help enterprises bigger and stronger. Aquarium equipment for the effective promotion of industrial development, Lei Jianmin required that all departments should actively help enterprises to apply for national brands, enhance their visibility and credibility, promote enterprise development through the branding effect; should actively create conditions for the Raoping declare the establishment of provincial aquarium equipment testing center, supported by technology platform to promote better development of aquarium equipment industry; to actively guide and assist the declaration of aquarium equipment industry cluster areas, for higher levels of policy, financial support, to promote the aquarium equipment industry base construction .