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Hong Kong Ocean Park will open next year a new aquarium

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Hong Kong Ocean Park has a 33-year history of the aquarium will be closed early in January next year, replaced by a named "Adventure Bay" in the new aquarium. December 1st, the Ocean Park will have organized a series of aquarium-related activities, to the "old hall" farewell. Ocean Park, said many tourists to stay warm memories in the aquarium, aquarium visitors understand the ocean has become the knowledge to understand the starting point for marine conservation. Want to turn it off before the organized activities, continuation of the marine animals we care for and preserve memories. According to reports, December 1 to January 2, 5-year-old painter Liu see the 26 giant panda, dolphins and seals and other animals will be the theme of the paintings exhibited in the ocean; December 15, the free Behind the scenes aquarium tour registration will be accepted, visitors have the opportunity to reach out and touch marine life and learn about the daily work of aquarium trainers; "Sleeping with the fishes" and "dive trip" and other activities are also expected to launch in mid to late 12. In addition, the Ocean Park said that with the construction of the new aquarium near the end, and now the marine animals in aquariums into its new home in batches. According to reports, the new aquarium has a capacity of 5200 cubic meters of the pond, large aquarium than the existing more than doubled, to raise more than 4,500 fish.