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Rongjiang County Renli Shui Township enriching special ecological effects of

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December 5, Rongjiang County renli Shui Township instruments Yangzhuo Lin Tai Yuen Estate, the chicken loop in the wild, open, 500 more than just chicken rush out toward the newly harvested rice fields to feed. April "too per the original ecological planting and breeding cooperatives" set up, the scale of farming households than in the wild chicken, but also for rice-fish farming and so on. "People live well, love to eat now to pick the original ecology. The original ecology of chicken and good sales, prices kept artificially expensive than the two or three times." Yangzhuo Lin said. At present, the Rongjiang engaged in farming and ecological characteristics of the type of a certain size are pig, chicken, pheasant, wild boar, giant salamander, bamboo rat. Rongjiang guide farmers based on market demand, combined with modern consumption structure, and actively encourage and guide people to develop characteristics of plant breeding. Loyalty to the town of a peasant village in 2009 in attempts to raise strong Rhizomys dry after the success of the second year to expand the scale, at present, 12 million farmers into an area of 800 square meters of office from the bamboo rat breeding base. Mazzoni Township Duiren migrant workers returning home village of the village culture Rhizomys Yang article, the development of more than 200 only, the output value of 7 million, in his lead, Dunren village and another 10 have begun feeding. Established in 2009 in the richness of special breeding Co., Ltd., using the mountains of northern Rongjiang excellent advantage of natural ecological resources, the investment of more than 200 million yuan to build giant salamander breeding base, breeding success. The company is prepared to take the company + base + farmer management, plans to use 3 to 5 years in Pingyang, very well, Long hole, music and other towns in 2400 led the development of giant salamander breeding. Wenzhou in Zhejiang, a large company as vice president of the return of migrant workers in the Moon Yang Zhi Xiang Pig mountain development resources. Moon Mountain pigs are special breeds, small size, the pigs fed with natural meat tender, delicious flavor. In early 2009, Yang Zhi Rongjiang County Mountains of the Moon formed pigs cooperatives, cooperatives have more than 2600 members, members to ensure the quality of pigs, the cooperative members responsible for acquisitions, engage in foreign marketing. The autumn of 2009, Governor Li Feiyue plans mountain village to the moon research, learned of the situation in the allocation of the 10 million of such funds to establish a Moon Mountain pig breeding base. Yang Zhi's pig farm now has nearly 300 pigs. Since last November, the cooperative sold nearly 4,000 pigs, are sold to the province's Guiyang, Zunyi, Liupanshui, but also sold to Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Yunnan and other places.