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Pencil fish -- of big pencil fish raise with day-to-day management (add: Picture

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The basic material of big pencil fish

Alias: Fish of multicoloured big pencil, spot pen of color of the fish of head station fish, red end able to read aloud fluently, double-barreled fish, breach fish, fish that oppose an opening, stripe, red pencil

Division kind: Fat carp division

Producing area: America Amazon catchment, guyana

Water is warm: 27 ℃ of 22 ℃ ~

PH value: 6.4 ~ 7

Food: Feeding habits is miscellaneous, have the habit of draft grass

Disposition: Disposition is lively and crude

Remarks: Belong to redfish carp eye

The configuration feature of big pencil fish: Bodily form is long, body forehead is thicker round, hind a bit side is flat, back predestined relationship is shallow arc, abdomen is round, the head is short, the mouth is outstanding and piscine body color is bright-coloured, have 3 fore-and-aft streak, mutual parallel arranges stripe, each fin radical ministry all is red, tail fin color is vermeil. Adult fish body length 12 ~ 15 centimeters.

Of big pencil fish raise a method: Any bait makings all can cast this fish hello, like to eat especially lichenous with aquatic, the preference is born to feed water quality to be neuter or lose acidity, PH is worth 6.4 ~ 7. Suit water Wen Wei most 22 ~ 27 ℃ , the domain consciousness of this fish is very strong. Answer to be raised in large aquatic animals box, can put some of driftwood and rock more, conceal in order to offer its.

Picture of big pencil fish

Picture of big pencil fish