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Pencil fish -- of blaze pencil fish raise with day-to-day management (add: Pictu

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One, brief introduction of blaze pencil fish

Formal name: Nannostomus Marginatus Mortenthaleri

English name: Red Arc Pencilfish, Coral Red Pencilfish

Division not: Characidae of fat carp division

Country of origin: Those who originate in Amazon catchment is Peruvian.

Characteristic: There is blaze on dorsal fin for fair fish, quality of fair fish style will be redder; Oestrus of fair fish adult fish when style quality can be achieved " blood red " state. There is the fish is a mother of blaze on dorsal fin, color of mother fish body is lighter.

Characteristics: The gender is gentle, easy with other Wen Xingyu gets along.

Water is warm: 28 ℃ of 24 ~ .

PH value: 5.8 ~ 7.5.

Food: Bug of good year shrimp, blood.

Body length: The biggest body length makes an appointment with 4cm

The group raises: Because of akin bellicose, inside aquatic animals box in order to raise 6 end or a bit much point advisable, light does not want too strong, had taken care of water quality went, can wait with swallow of rainbow of red lotus lamp raise together.

Picture of blaze pencil fish

Picture of blaze pencil fish

2, pencil fish is raised with management

1. choose and buy

Above all, ask be clear about is the fish that when eats first when new fish of choose and buy, the fish that aquatic animals inn just ate sometimes the situation is not very good, had better wait a few days to be bought again more; Whole nautilus had better be raised fat stout and strong is strong, color is bright-coloured and full, when somebody or it is a hand extend aquarium upper part or be in front, yu Huiqun gets together to want to eat with you, that expresses a fish in order; Whether there is white mist state on the body that examines whole nautilus or be to have state of as good as (be like: Grow the) such as white spot, if above is eligible, although piscine price a little expensive little, also be worth to buy. Next, the fish that buys a fish to go back had better undertake keeping apart observation first, wait for a fish to be put into the crock again without the problem only.

2. puts a fish

Put the fish that buys into pail, use wind canal to add control valve, add the water of aquarium slowly with the speed of trickle in pail, wait for pail water to enter the water dip in pail again completely in aquarium, relapse 1 ~ 2 can. ~ of the 12 before the fish enters a crock is not fed inside 24 hours feed.

3. water lukewarm

Lukewarm control of the water inside the crock is in 28 ℃ of 25 ~ .

4. feed

Can use fine grained account or be chip feed.

5. changes water

Every 1 ~ changes the water of 1/3 ~ 1/4 2 weeks, affiliation water had better be has raised water, if time unallowed word, can use pail to add water quality stabilizing agent, static wait for 30 minutes to come a hour, again water slowly affiliation in aquarium, what must not add is too fast, notice water lukewarm difference in temperature does not exceed 1 ℃ at the same time.
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