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Problem of the water quality in common aquarium (3)

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(12) nitrify bacterium

Effect way reachs education

Nitrify bacterium can the ammonia that fish place discharges turns into the nitrite with lesser noxiousness, and a kind of bacterium of fungus of another kind of nitration is in charge of turning nitrite into noxiousness again smaller nitric acid salt, nitric acid salt must move by the way that changes water except, like nitrify bacterium this kind bacterium needs to use up the oxygen in water to also call good oxygen bacterium so when action again.

Another kind calls oxygen of be disgusted with bacterium, can turn nitric acid salt into nitrogen again outside eduction water jar, such two groups of loops change can form a whole live thing to filter, nevertheless, bacterium of oxygen of this be disgusted with lives very hard in water jar, when because the character of bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with is,breeding, do not need to be in the environment that contains oxygen to fall, and bacterium of oxygen of absolutely be disgusted with cannot survive at having oxygen environment.

Digest the growth of bacterium in great quantities, can cause digestive bacterium and fish to be added only seize oxygen, the oxygen of water jar decreases, the fish is met only float head, and nitrify bacterium also can die in great quantities, should want to add swipe to enrage right now, increase dissolve oxygen amount, general this kind of circumstance, it is to join many nitrify bacterium ability is more incidental.

Good biochemical system (nitrify bacterium) decompose ammoniac → nitrite → to decompose salt of nitric acid of → of nitric acid salt to accumulate → PH to drop again → changes water quality

Ammonia---------------Of the fish fecal reaching leftover bait to expect is the main source that forms ammonia

Nitrite------Exorbitant meeting causes breathing difficulty

Nitric acid salt---------Avirulent material, accumulate too much, water value will be acidify.

How to foster natural nitrify bacterium?

1. A large number of education digest bacterium, can use coral arenaceous or ball of the ring of pottery and porcelain that sells on market, biochemistry or biochemical cotton can regard as of education environment, die again next bright and beautiful of characters on a seal carved in relief or flesh of Li of a clam (very easy and addle, enough) put the case of 8 minutes of full water, put filter capable person again, and the height that filter material amount does not want to exceed water, later reappoint its are cankered, after a few days, water quality is met smell becomes muddy, put a week (add swipe gas to be able to accelerate breed to grow) , water can clarify naturally and not smelly, this states digestive bacterium has been run normally, can put filter capable person into your filter.

Above this kind of method is commonly used in briny crock, fresh water crock is OK also.

2. Clean you the water that filter material place stays, put into the filter capable person that you want to foster again, wait for Shui Chengqing for some time, OK, also won't smell, the education of nitrify bacterium also won't be brought noisy, add breed can be accelerated since swipe
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