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Problem of the water quality in common aquarium (2)

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(11) water quality is unconscious dim (Bai Wu shape)

Generally speaking, it is to be used directly self-invited the relation that will join aquarium, because many chlorine is contained to disinfect water to reach all sorts of toxic substance in tap water, the growth that the shadow raises digestive bacterium is balanced or die in great quantities then, often in the discovery that lie between a day water quality presents white mist state, this states digestive bacterium filters the system has not achieve a balance, had wanted a few days to be able to clarify only, but what add tap water to be able to cause Long Yu directly is cruel kill death, when perhaps changing water, keep a pail of old water or filter capable person, can accelerate digestive bacterium growing breed.

Aquarium presents the reason of white mist shape and basic processing means

The place that nitrify bacterium grows is filter the filter material in groove, the bottom is arenaceous the vitreous wall that reachs aquarium, especially with filter material most, bottom arenaceous take second place, in aquarium wall water least, the progenitive amount of nitrify bacterium can change a quantity as the environment, but in normal circumstance, it can hold the position in an ecological balance.

Aquarium is an airtight space, purify water quality this job, nitrify bacterium is a hero that cannot obliterate, but exceed nitrify bacterium when the accumulation of organic matter can after the limits of action, with respect to the workload that * outside force will improve or must reduce nitrify bacterium, but the problem is possible also subsequently and come, and it is this theme among them aquarium of a; presents Bai Wu state.

Generally speaking when; feeder is cleaning aquarium, the vitreous wall of aquarium of material of bottom of material of metropolis general filter is cleaned together, but the nitrify bacterium clear wash off with this kind of will major conference that wash a law, and because,the nitrify bacterium that remnant comes down is met again will without be store of the tap water that water treatment crosses join aquarium, bring about nitrify bacterium to die in great quantities again, because contain many chlorine and alexipharmic water without the tap water of processing, and contain oxygen measure inadequacy, and the prime criminal that these things will destroy nitrify bacterium, many white can appear after often changing water after lying between a day petty particle, that is the incomplete body that nitrify bacterium dies in great quantities, namely raise advocate the Bai Wu record that often produces, this phase raise advocate should add swipe gas not to need to add additional thing only, after 2~3 day, nitrify bacterium can resume the work, when arriving hind water quality can clarify. Additional, some people wait not as good as water quality is clear, add juice of artificial nitration bacterium, proper nitrify bacterium fluid is helpful, but, the nitrify bacterium fluid of excessive can cause harm 2 times instead, after the nitrify bacterium juice that added excess, returning the limits in progenitive amount as a result of nitrify bacterium in a day or two inside, to water quality clear still calculate it seems that helpful, but later the meeting breed because of excessive, cause anoxic, because nitrify bacterium also needs breath, if encourage,be not worth, often the fish can contend for oxygen with nitrify bacterium only, cause nitrify bacterium to die in great quantities again, the incomplete experience that nitrify bacterium dies lets water quality addle, oxygen tolerance decreases, can produce water quality at the same time muddy, right now you can discover the fish is met only the state that float head breathes happens, this phase discovers a fish when float head breathes, do not add please any thing, die because of afraid fish you, meeting chaos adds, you should change the water of 1/3 only (had better be store water passes) add swipe to enrage next, stick-to-itive awaits, piscine body does not have a thing.
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