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Problem of the water quality in common aquarium (one)

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(One) want time drive bug () of the bug inside body?

The animal that takes vivid bait in nature more or less the live thing that the body can take some of accrete, want water quality only nevertheless stable, fish is only able-bodied won't the circumstance that come on arises. So the fish takes bait only normal, lively good use worm of drive of not informal drug!

(2) go chloric

When if want,using tap water directly, should buy to aquaria go chloric water will eliminate the chlorine in water, or infiltrate air strengthens aeration one day or a long time OK also, tap water contains chlorine and heavy metal.

(3) green alga

Sunny, the amount that contain oxygen is too small, nitric acid salt is exorbitant, a kind of liver mosses that organic matter just can cause too much kind.

(4) brown alga

Sunshine is insufficient, the amount that contain oxygen is too small, nitric acid salt is exorbitant, alkalescent a kind of liver mosses that reachs organic matter too high to just can be caused too much kind, bit by bit Brown stain.

(5) green water

The light too too enough, organic matter is overmuch, oxygen is insufficient, carbon dioxide is overmuch, cause oxidation of water quality actor, just make pelagian sex alga many and progenitive, organic matter is too much, accelerate alga to grow. Can add bactericidal lamp of the ultraviolet ray that install UV to divide, reduce sunshine duration or, the change is fed feed a habit. Nitrify bacterium is run undesirable, have enough nitrify bacterium, the circumstance of green water just nots allow easy happening. A kind of circumstance with the most incidental aquarium, produce green water namely, often raise advocate green water produces after period of time, and after changing water, still can happen, change to add a few agents that divide alga or clarifier at random accordingly, but often a period of time can happen again, but cannot effect a radical cure however, also do not know to produce an account how;

The formation of green water; is by the alga of pelagian sex place is generated, but by below a few elements just can form;

1. Illumination: Solar too too enough, generally speaking hour of 8~12 of; illumination time is enough, do not need to leaving all the day, and attending a meeting pair of fish all the day itself physiology characteristics has bring noisy

2. Contain the inadequacy that oxygen measures: The fish is only overmuch, cause aerobic inadequacy, carbon dioxide arises in great quantities, let a fish please amount, adjust dozen of tolerance. (Quantity of oxygen of too tall dissolve can drop temperature) .

3. Organic matter is overmuch (reach phosphate like nitric acid salt. . . . ) incomplete bait is too much, hello feed makings of too much bait to did not eat. Improvement is fed feed habitual disease to clear constantly bottom material incomplete dirties or follow new water quality, have filter goodly the workload that material can reduce nitrify bacterium, with reducing those who have machine thing to accumulate.
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