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The choice raises those who view and admire a fish to use water principle

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Aquatic animals box uses water principle: Use raise water is close to a fish as far as possible the water quality of natural water area of country of origin.

Fresh water origin

The fresh water fish of different producing area asks to water quality difference is very big.


Much by not layer of dissolve sex rock is unoccupied place pour out of, water is warm low, look oxygen is sufficient, mineral content is little, for soft water. After shedding classics marsh and moorland, peat pledges soil brings about water quality to show acidity. Zebra fish lives in such water quality.

Intertropical brook

The rate of brook is rapidder, go against the growth of aquatic, aquatic plant breed is less. The bodily form in the fish in this kind of environment mostly long and thin, lest be swept by water. Have a lot of fish comfortable at raising, be like tiger skin, fish of scissors end wave, flying fox, and the ugly Qiu fish of lower level water area, the body is compressed, stick at riverbed, be not swept by water.

Intertropical river

Intertropical river surface is open, velocity of flow is slow. The material in water is extremely easy deposit, riverbed is fecund, profit grows at aquatic. The type of build or figure of raw raw fish in this kind of environment is greater. In superstratum water area, have wait for the axe fish that eat with the insect in dense aquatic; The immortal fish in the You Yi in Lu Cao and single-track pencil fish wait; Also have the appear and disappear catfish in riverbed.

Tropics is fenny

In tropics, have dry season and rainy season, when the flood of monsoon is alluviation, flush, what become big in low-lying form is seasonal laky, and the flood is swept across and come all sorts of moving the plant became best bait material. After pluvial retire, because the plant ferments with water body does not flow, amount of oxygen of the dissolve in causing water is small, in this kind of water area, those who grow is much to fight a fish, climb perch and a few catfish, they can breathe the oxygen in air directly more, a few fish are in when cistern is about to dry up, body embedded silty in, await the arrival of monsoon.

Seasonal intertropical river

In tropics, a lot of ponds and little river are seasonal, that is to say, arise in monsoon, dry up when dry season. The change of water quality is very accordingly big also, when rainwater is abundant, show water quality of acerbity, soft, as water evaporate, water quality hardens gradually. And current is very slow, dormant even. The amount that contain oxygen is very small. The fish of 鳉 division is born or be in such environment. Accordingly, had very interesting appearance: The fish of 鳉 division is when dry season is coming, bury oosperm in mud, wait for the monsoon hatch of the coming year. So, you can use the egg of 鳉 division fish postal parcel to give your friend. Really convenient.


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