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Tropical fish breed aquatics: How to raise the methodological essentials of trop

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Tropical fish breed is various, breed essentials basically has

One, water

1. Water quality

Raise tropical fish to ask water quality is soft water or low hardness water artificially, acid-base value with weak acidity or neutral had better. Acidity is stronger, difficulty of tropical fish breath, grow slow; Alkalescent stronger, the branchial organization of tropical fish can be corroded.

2. Change water

(1) the part changes water

Bait of the excrement and urine that uses base of straw general aquarium namely, incomplete expects etc contamination is epispastic. The 1 / that water absorption measures with the water inside the crock 4 advisable. Next, join commensurate, with lukewarm course air is basked in or chemistry removes chloric new water. The frequency of add water with Qiu Dong season is weekly 2, spring, the summer is weekly 3 advisable.

(2) change water entirely

Answer to take out all facility in aquarium, aquatic and piscine fish out, put in be the same as lukewarm other container with raw water in, swab clean with wall of sponge general crock and crock bottom. 4 months change ~ of every 3 months water 1.

2, water is warm

Tropical fish is very sensitive to temperature, if temperature is unsuited, can die very quickly. The tropical fish of different sort, lukewarm to water demand is different. The water of most tropical fish is warm with 20 ℃ ~ 24 ℃ are advisable, be in the water of breed period is warm with 25 ℃ ~ 28 ℃ are advisable, with the night difference in temperature cannot exceed 4 ℃ by day.

3, oxygen

A certain quantity of water and grass should be planted in aquarium, because the meeting when hydrophyte photosynthesis produces oxygen, make oxygen quantity is contained to increase in water. In the meantime, seasonable cleared contamination, often change water to wait, also can increase the dissolved oxygen in water.

4, illumination

Aquarium is put in the room that has sun, had better be when early, late sunshine is insufficient, the in relief illumination that accepts 1 hour or so each is shot; If be in the room that does not have sunshine to furnish aquarium, should use lamplight illuminate aquatic, the incandescent lamp that uses 60 watt or 40 made of baked clay fluorescent lamp illuminate 6 hours everyday. Illumination can make tropical fish grows faster, make piscine body more gorgeous.

5, put in a suitable place to breed

The crock raises tropical fish, the size that puts in a suitable place to breed density inspects aquarium and calm. To the first time piscicultural person, density Yue Xiaoyue is good, need to acquire fill pump. To be the same as the collocation of nautilus, gentle and quiet fish cannot be mixed with the fish that has aggression sex raise; Large fish cannot be mixed with small-sized fish raise. The feed of tropical fish has multiple choice, be like water flea, red bug or the packing feed that suits different and phyletic tropical fish. Unripe bait, vivid bait all wants abluent, in order to control pathogeny.
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