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Fit environment of short porgy breed

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Short porgy is to grow in and other places of South America, West Africa, flow is not rapid, in the small stream with not strong light,

Water look is closer dark muddy, like to hide, move back and forth between aquatic, if we want breed, answer as far as possible accomplish as the environment like their home town, such ability can cause short porgy people birth desire. A lot of people can follow aquaria, use progenitive crock to breed, put 9 small banyan, heavy wood to be in naked crock (basically be to absorb the 〝 Dan Ning that they release most actually acerbity 〞 , black water also is such) , lost original fun so. Will raise with naked crock, although clear easy, but it seems that too drab, utility is changed, can lose a lot of observation short porgy lives daily the picture of characteristics. For example West Africa short porgy is used more sink to lay eggs in the empty coconut shell of benthic. . . Etc.

When breed, in aquarium best can put small earthen jar, opening of small earthen jar is narrower abdomen of small, bottle is wide, such fish have safe feeling quite. Some fish are to collect open mode to lay eggs, for example chessboard porgy. . . , that has to put some of broad leaf plant, heavy wood or stone to give them. We can use careless mud pill (or it is slimy carbon earth; Bolus of mud of the grass on market makes an appointment with 230 yuan or so one packet, with filar socks the bag becomes one spherule to be able to be used very long, a lot of, can make short porgy colour developing, promote bear. And slimy carbon earth boils sodden child for careless mud bolus. ) the organic matter that gives off adjusts water quality for water of weak aching and limp, and the pigment that careless mud bolus releases can make water quality slants dark like black water, have to short porgy set one's mind at action.

Short porgy picture