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Briny fish is raised -- seawater views and admire a fish to raise a novice to lo

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One, You should fix breed aquatics seawater live thing; 2, It is coral software makes scene jar certainly, still raise briny fish merely; 3, Consider oneself economic actual strength, raise scale certainly. The circumstance allows to fall in the condition, allow aquatic animals case as far as possible a few bigger. Box of briny aquatic animals is the smallest for 90L, the novice still wants a few bigger good, this and the situation when fresh water fish is being raised first is opposite, 300L~500L should be crock of the smallest seawater generally speaking. Such you settle the aquatic animals case that has chosen in the home appropriate, remind you: Aquatic animals box is not put in the temperature such as room entrance change is much, sun's rays waits before the window point-blank, person activity is particularly frequent and similar the place such as public circumstance. Next we study aquatic animals case support oneself system, alleged support oneself system- - it is aquatic animals box lives to make sure among them aquatic animals living things is normal, and acquire a few maintain processing equipment. Breed sort in the light of what differ, the aquatic animals box of different type, of all sorts of correspondence support oneself the system is endless also and same. An urine pump can finish those who make sure biology survives, calculate to what need large and sophisticated various equipment do support oneself system.

Of box of briny aquatic animals supporting oneself is all includes commonly: Water treatment system, lighting system, system of water lukewarm control, testing system. And among them, the most important, investment cost is the biggest, the structure is most complex is water treatment system, include to filter again inside it system, water pretreatment system, disinfect sterilization facilities. Filter the system divides physics with the principle, biology, chemical 3 kinds of means. You so novice, look for a distribute businessman that has reputation to seek advice please, uniting configuration for you by them is an appropriate method. Majority of box of briny aquatic animals uses the filter outside the crock, this gives a hidden trouble with respect to how, once the pipeline of filter, valve, the place such as crust is sealed and lax, attaint is slack outside perhaps causing water to give a crock upstream because of power cut, the harm reachs breed aquatics biology and will bring trouble and loss to your household. So, quality reachs careful at ordinary times examination reliably is must, open the exterior filter of type, when first time affusion, maintain water level the limits in safety in, the method is, add Man Shuiqi to use filter water pump first, water can be lacked in filter at this moment, add water again, but the attention is not added full, stop water pump at this moment please, the water level in waiting for observation filter changes, cannot spill over under filter with water level for the standard, make mark, such is in that this earmark less than is safety, when be short of Shui Zaitian to add water because of evaporating later, should add water level earmark to be in only but.
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