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China (northeast) exposition of things of fishing gear of international pet aqua

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Show time: In May 2007 6-8 dayShow a location: Liaoning industry exhibition (street of tower of colour of Shenyang city peace district 33)Sponsor an unit: Pet and things development are bestowed favor on in Shenyang service centerUndertake unit: Harbin Pacific Ocean shows a service limited companyAssist run an unit: Net of business affairs of the Russia in center of communication of Sino-South Korean of association of aquatic animals of province of Taiwan of association of trade of Liaoning province dog " pet world " net of pet aquatic animals of China of channel of line of business of xinhua net dogMedia support: Net of sea of pet China net " market conditions of pet aquatic animals " " pet is fashionable " northeast of northeast pet net bestows favor on daily of Liaoning of TV station of Shenyang of TV station of Liaoning of net of pet of Harbin of net of pet of Jilin of net of pet of pet net distance in Shenyang of net of pet of hill of saddle of aquatic animals net, economic development, of people living standard rise, pet already made the important one part in people life, only Shenyang city already had pet cat at present many 30, pet dog many 50, other pet many 60, and with annual the rate of 10% rises. Pet market coruscate gives tremendous energy, foreground is inestimable. Be located in annulus Bohai Sea and northeast inferior the Liaoning province inside economic circle is the traffic thoroughfare that northeast area leads to inside Shanghaiguan, also be northeast and Neimengde the area leads to the world to connect the significant faction of Asia-Europe mainland bridge and forward position region. Shenyang visits provincial capital as Liaoning, it is China's famous heavy industry base and historical culture famous city, it is northeast region economy, culture, science and technology, traffic, travel and trade centre, gross area 13000 square kilometer, population 7.3 million, existing asset puts an amount 100 billion yuan, gross National Product occupies the 1/4 of complete province, foreign trade amount amounts to 4.16 billion dollar, germany, United States, Japan, Korea already became the oldest commerce associate. Attention is northeast, focusing Liaoning, investment Shenyang. Shenyang has the throughout the country's biggest omnibus pet market, count hospital of pet of a hunderd schools, thousands of renown dog breeds base and use plant research center, the development action of this pair of pet and pet market is huge. Shenyang has the family of pet to already amounted to many 80, year pet things consumption amounts to 500 million yuan of RMBs, aquatic animals, fishing gear is consumed also get on 100 million yuan, market potential is tremendous. The culture of communication pet industry with be better, improve pet to raise those who elevate firm of broad pet things is level, famous degree, the development of stimulative pet market, we will be held in Shenyang city " 2007 China (northeast) exposition of fishing gear of international pet aquatic animals " , will spread out international complete dog to plant at the appointed time the activity that the wonderful confused such as performance of contest, direct hand contest, pet shows, broad manufacturer, agency and personage of all circles major attend warm reception China and foreign countries this grand meeting, we will with high grade service redound your accredit, had built this communication and communication platform!
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