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Things of aquatic animals of pet of international of the 2nd 07 Hong Kong and se

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Showpiece time: 2007-7-27 comes 2007-7-29 Application ends: Periodic: 1 year / Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Hong Kong / other area Specific address: The Asia reads extensively house Ginseng extend range: Pet food things Sponsor square:

Hong Kong dispatch tells exhibition company

Undertake square:

Guangdong dispatch is exhibited

Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Www. Petexpo. Hk Exhibit meeting specification:

Recommend 5 big reason
• market potential is huge, demand abundants very, exhibit can cater to the market to admit need;
First success holds • , attention degree suffers to rise quickly inside consequence and course of study;
• buys the home to come from home, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan country of 3 ground, Euramerican, southeast Asia and area, each communication inside course of study is convenient, business chance is infinite;
• spot activity is rich, commerce negotiates as perfect as light atmosphere confluence; Visiting communication is easy, establishment of hardware form a complete set is perfect, circumjacent environment happy person;
• sponsors an orgnaization to be home of Hong Kong head to appear on the market professional exhibition company, seasoned, the service is close, the database that buy the home is accurate;

Do not miss the grand meeting inside course of study please, as soon as possible signs up participate in, privilege and surprise are ceaseless!

Guangdong dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company (Hong Kong dispatch is connected control a limited company country wholy-owned and accessary subsidiary)
Mr Lu Liang (Chelvy Lou) 13724894937 QQ:172187727
Phone / Tel: 020-83311656, 87612356 faxes / Fax: 020-83311669, 87305903
ADD: City of Guangzhou city annulus east road edifice of 477 marine addresses room of 4 buildings M2

Things of aquatic animals of pet of international of the 2nd Hong Kong is exhibited
2nd Hong Kong International Pet&Aqua Accessory Expo
Show a location: International of Hong Kong Asia reads extensively house
Exhibit date: In July 2007 27-29 day (Zhou Wu - weekday)
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