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India is beautiful contain however virulent " sea apple " introduce Shanghai mar

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Macrocephalic fresh water " lion fish " , have coral kind of bright-coloured tentacle " sea apple " ... new face appears on a flock of aquatic animals bounds yesterday Shanghai marine aquaria, offend come audience curiosity and exclaim. Among them fish of fresh water lion and cavalier the cat is domestic aquaria exhibits first; Although,grow beautiful contain however virulent " sea apple " it is introduce first inside the house.

The area is exhibited in marine house southeast Asia, the reporter sees the fish of fresh water lion that grows about 10 centimeters, show palm Brown, bend over silently motionless in exhibiting a crock. The most interesting is it " big head " , take body length 1/3, it is rare " big head baby " . With color fresh briny lion fish differs, there is poison inside its body. According to introducing, body length of this kind of fish is the longest can grow 30 centimeters, connect regular meeting to search burrow or other suppressible place to hide. Childhood " cavalier cat " , ring finger is so only long, do not see a name have " cavalier " , it is very recreant and actually bashful, like to hide to fall in rock.

"Deadly and aquatic content is exhibited " came again yesterday a fresh blood -- , " sea apple " . Round syncopation square strange build, the tentacle of brilliant red resembles coral same, rely on the tubal full exercise of body periphery, really rich. It is an invertebrate one kind of holothurian key link, basically distributing in the indian ocean, east Pacific Ocean maritime space, the meeting after be scared or dying gives off toxin.