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Day water city first " Peng Hai cup " fishing contest 144 players take part in t

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On July 1 afternoon, day water city first " Peng Hai cup " fishing contest accumulates fishing ground of Ou Peng sea to receive pole in wheat, of 144 players take part in the match the battle array makes this match makes the fishing game with our city the largest scale.

This second fishing contest accumulates district government to sponsor by wheat, wheat accumulates fishing ground of sea of splash of water of bureau of area farming herd, style bureau, day to undertake, come from two areas of our city the lover of 144 go angling of 5 counties played the game that day. Make contend through 4 integral, number carries off for 122 player Liu Bing contest first prize, the contest still goes out definitely 2, third class award each one, before obtaining individual assembly accomplishment 30 player all is obtained commend award.