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2007 Hainan first " Hai Gang cup " the sea angles the match

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According to Hainan daily report, bay of eastern city moon, the insular inside and outside that comes from and other places of Beijing, Zhuhai, big talk 13 cities sea angles the delegation is compared here angle ability -- the fish that who watchs to angle much, angling fish is big. 2007 Hainan first " Hai Gang cup " the sea angles network invitational tournament is held here, this is Hainan holds normal sea to angle first the match.

Bencibi surpasses 13 delegations such as mutual Beijing team, northwest team, big talk team to attend, every team player 3. Before the match sets fellowship award 3, the gross of black porgy fish that who angles is the heaviest who gains the championship.

This morning at 5 o'clock half, the moon still is hanged in in the air, 13 delegations had come to lunar bay, early the match is punctual at 6 o'clock begin. What this the match uses is the beach angles, each team team member discharges fishing in on lunar bay beach one word.

The sea angles picture

Lunar bay is the place that a few seas angle lover loves to go quite at ordinary times, here suits the sea to angle, and the fish that most moment angles is much. Nevertheless 1 day is waited for when stopping staff at 10 o'clock in the morning, a lot of take part in the match team still empty-handed. Final Zhuhai team gains the championship with the achievement of 2 fish.

As we have learned, hainan regards our country as the biggest marine province, have rich fishery and travel resource, had not held a normal sea to angle all the time however before this the match, angle for each district friend participates in a form to undertake the sea angles with the individual more at ordinary times activity. Sea of Hainan fishing forum and Zhuhai fishing net, Shenzhen fishing net, Beijing angles be communicated adequately person club, facilitated this network invitational tournament.

Sponsor Chen Yikui of controller of forum of square Hainan fishing to introduce according to the contest, holding a contest is to attract more sea to angle lover comes Hainan sea angles. After 1 day of matches, still will arrive sea of island of 10 thousand peaceful continent angles.

Additional as we have learned, the sea angles lie fallow importantly as activity, element has " maritime golf " say. In recent years every year thousands of sea angles lover comes Hainan sea angles, creates economic value is considerable. Come from the other place commonly the person that the sea of Hainan angles is cost least 22000 yuan.

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