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Contest of first China goldfish, bright and beautiful carp and appreciate meet B

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  One, the tenet of the contest

China is the birthplace of goldfish, the palace goldfish of Beijing is a raise more at the world. The history that Beijing raises goldfish is ages ago, early in last years of a dynasty or reign of the Southern Song Dynasty unborn Yue Ke of Yue Fei is in " Cheng history " in account at that time Beijing with " harbour Shi Weichi " the scene that raises goldfish. Zhu Yi of bright generation emperor also is fond of raise goldfish, he raises the record in historical data in the basin on desk desk all the year round goldfish. Quiet day, goldfish more become the pet with indispensable palace, so Beijing goldfish has again " palace goldfish " say. Found a state earlier, premier Zhou is a palace goldfish more as the country the ceremony gives Indonesian prime minister. Suffer the goldfish culture of the goldfish that people loves and bright fully nowadays, it is the crystallization of wisdom of our country working people, condensing them to count the labor gain of chiliad.

Bright and beautiful carp is a kind of nobility is large view and admire a fish, it with lively and the type of build or figure with its strong and handsome and gorgeous colour, Protean decorative pattern, strong profusion, composed You Zi, won " the king that views and admire a fish " good name. With " red white " , " big trichromatic " , " clear and trichromatic " to provide representative variety most.

Contest of first China goldfish, bright and beautiful carp and appreciate meet Beijing be learned to view and admire piscine branch by aquatic product of Beijing fishery association, China, " aquatic animals world " the magazine is initiated sponsor, aim to promote view and admire piscine culture, receive Beijing Olympic Games to hold, active view and admire fish market field, raise the masses to be spent to the acknowledge of goldfish, bright and beautiful carp.

   2, the origanization construction of the contest

Sponsor an unit: Beijing fishery association

Chinese aquatic product learns to view and admire piscine branch

Aquatic animals world " magazine

Assist run an unit: Zhongshan park management is in

Beijing connects state division to view and admire piscine industry association

Association of goldfish of area of Beijing rising sun

Beijing thinking always happy goldfish culture expands limited company

Support an unit: Beijing agriculture bureau

Academy of Chinese water midwifery

Technology of aquatic product of whole nation of Ministry of Agriculture extends terminal

  3, contest time and place

Time: Came 12 days on September 6, 2007

Place: Zhongshan park a species of orchid fragrant garden, cheerful garden

  Content and activity are arranged

  On September 6, 2007

Ginseng exhibit, take part in the match business enters
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