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Exhibited to things of aquatic animals of pet of international of 29 days of the

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Came 29 days on July 27, 2007, read extensively in international of Asia of Hong Kong airport the house held the pet aquatic animals with annual complete the largest harbor ceremoniously fine time -- things of aquatic animals of pet of international of the 2nd Hong Kong is exhibited. Exhibit this of the meeting exhibit more than 250 units, exhibit business to come from Hong Kong, chinese mainland, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and Euramerican wait for a country, exceptionally grand occasion. 3 days of total stream of people exceed 60 thousand.

Lending first pet aquatic animals the holds successfully power that extend, aquatic animals of the 2nd pet exhibits the optimal business affairs that has become each businessman to develop the market to trade platform, also become Hong Kong citizen at the same time annual for a time pet aquatic animals fine time activity. Each ginseng exhibits business to all state the arrangement that sponsors an unit is professional and meticulous, the conduct propaganda with each enough respect (include TV, newspaper, magazine, broadcasting station, network, subway, 9 iron, light iron... etc) with free form a complete set move back and forth bus, attracted the course of study of each three-year institution of higher learning that comes from inland of Turkey, United States, Australia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, England, Singapore, China and Hong Kong this locality to buy the home, besides, hong Kong citizen also pays close attention to this exhibition very much. Sponsor an unit to carry a dog in the audience field of service of form a complete set is very perfect, a lot of Hong Kong citizens look around before the pet on willing belt, the crowd compares a day one day billowy, 3 business total turnover is exhibited to be as high as 10 million since the day, all item on display by scare buying one sky. Exhibit business to exhibit the effect to joining well-content! Instant spot books what things of aquatic animals of next year pet exhibits to exhibit, increase exhibit an area.

Besides articles for use of general pet aquatic animals exhibits, this pet is exhibited special still showpiece a few about pet " basic necessities of life " distinctive item on display, include a variety of animal health food (angelica of ∕ of Chinese caterpillar fungus of winter of ∕ of Yun Zhi of ∕ of the essence that be like chicken, nutrition pink, glossy ganoderma enrichs the blood a surname of bolus, yam child music of dangshen of ∕ north Qi beverage of strange, electrolyte) , air purifier, fight quick air is pure and fresh machine, muti_function aquarium, a variety of burgeoning.

Exhibit can medium activity it may be said lively and extraordinary. Exhibit can extend business assistance by each ginseng, zone of lottery of spot ad hoc, send favorable balance of trade to cross 500 thousand yuan of rich award to give the spot the audience, change the team platoon that buys gift to remove long dragon, gift is distributed ceaselessly. Exhibit still can orchestrate nearly 40 performances and activity, basically include: NASA pet beautician judges a nucleus to try with the dog hairdressing contest; Liao Bi kind of beneficent T-shirt of doctor of MacBailey X animal sells propaganda; Election of years of dog of the dog dog loose Bai Zhixing that sponsors by animal doctor, dog and my deep feeling, band of Chen Farong, Fu Ying, small fertilizer, Joy, Yu Wenshi shows up add to the fun is reached hold the position of a commissioner, share the activity such as the story of they and pet with audience of player, spot, also can grace to exhibit many.
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