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Of peacock fish raise a method " hello feed piece "

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Be born from alveolus sparrow fish begin, the friend that loves a fish must want the food with busy sundry preparation, after alveolus sparrow fish is born can swim very quickly, forage, if discover peahen be about to parturient, can begin to prepare shrimp of hatch good year, when after small fish is born before long, can have big meal, remember feeding the amount that eat to want to notice nevertheless, if cross much feed not to eat, can pollute water quality, cause combat the effect, if at hand does not have egg of good year shrimp, or it is the experience that does not have hatch, also can take the chip feed of the adult fish when be being fed usually, wear of will chip feed is drossy, small fish is OK also be able to eat goes, those who want an attention is to cast fed bait to expect deal shoulds not be overmuch, avoid to small fish does not eat and pollute water quality. Still one kind uses the yoke that thoroughly cook namely, take net to encase, slight in water rock, the amount is not needed too much. Because too cross nutrition, the pollution that so incomplete entices will be more horrible, if have need,should feeding feed after ending, prepare to change water immediately.

Before the sexual distinction that gives a peacock in cent normally, can feed as far as possible feed high protein to pledge kind food, but when after state-owned parent fish can be raised apart, had better not let fair fish eat the food of too much high protein, the girth that avoids fair fish becomes too thick, mother fish must not worry, can feed as far as possible feed, the bodily form of fish inviting a parent becomes fruitier, if feed,feed an amount to increase nevertheless, the frequency that changes water also wants to be adjusted somewhat relatively, avoid water quality exasperate rate is too rapid, cause among them the disease is caused, endanger peacock fish. What normally all sorts of feed can have mature peacock fish is very glad, should notice nevertheless had better not stationary use is same kind of feed, can now and then change a few taste, basically create a problem to prevent nutrient disequilibrium namely.