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View and admire piscine feed to make: Abstain feed of nutrition of fish of 7 col

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1: The muscle that wants a Niu Xin above all, film and grease processing are clean, the heart that needs you of course and the competence that use a knife, a bit more attentive can get the Niu Xin with clean in part more.

2: The head of shrimp and case go clean certainly, the shrimp hull that buys work is a bit difficult, the proposal puts the shrimp that buys the quick-freeze in freezer 2 hours, take with tap water one bubble, good pare much.

3: Niuxin and shelled fresh shrimps must be washed clean too with water, air water portion. 4: The Niuxin that has handled and shelled fresh shrimps must wring broken 2-3 second, last mixture is wrung broken cannot little.

5: Affiliation vitamin and medicines and chemical reagents must wring tiny pulverous state, after joining, must mix even.