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The feed food of peacock fish introduces

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Artificial feed

The artificial feed that carry out peddles on market at present has had sort of quite a few, divide roughly it is 3 kinds: One, chip feed; 2, grain feed; 3, refrigerant feed. These feed are to belong to it is the easiest also to be obtained the most easily feed the feed that feed, still have the feed that develops technically for peacock fish in addition, also should be raise of major peacock fish advocate choose when what make staple food, nutrient component is quite complete also.

Entice alive

The use of vivid bait is half of praise or blame all along, because of value of real bait makings nutrition, of course Yuan Sheng is too artificial treated feed, but the problem that what accompany and come is security however, as raise advocate we cannot inadvertent, the sequela that brings otherwise can let you feel to be inferior to be being fed only it is good to feed feed!

At present the safest vivid bait should be good year shrimp (the larva that do not have a section) ! Preparative time does not need too long, also do not need too much procedure, after nevertheless hatch comes out, should feed as soon as possible feed, because do not have section larva most nutrient is firm hatch when coming out to still carrying yolk bag, if time procrastinates too long, yolk has not been had section larva absorbs almost to use up, because this nutrition value is met,get ready a little discount. If the netizen has shrimp of hatch good year to feed the habit that feeds a peacock, if have the good year shrimp that broods more, can him refrigerant rise, next secondary are being fed when feeding, want defrost to be able to be used only.

Still one is plant is daphnia, can use green water breed, the place that wants an attention is the daphnia that come back is collected outside Gang Congye had better not direct go off with feeds a fish, because daphnia is the intermediate host of camel form wireworm, once by the word of parasitism of camel form wireworm, can not be in a few words can solve! The daphnia that besides field collects, as a result of the likelihood in field water the bacterium is measured taller, if rushed in entering aquarium, perhaps can affect the little baby in conservatory - peacock fish. The daphnia that still have even if wants to notice you get is which kind of, if be to belong to sword daphnia, because have hard case, do not suit quite.

Additionally a few aquaria are the longest used work entices an earthworm that push silk, the nutrient value of filar earthworm is very high, put a few in aquarium, can live very long, let what your peacock keeps take food, because this peacock fish can comparative grow quickly, can regard as again medicine entices, feed medicaments filar earthworm to become medicine to bring first, eat to peacock fish again, the effect perfectly. Illuminate such looking, filar earthworm should be the most perfect fodder, but because the origin of filar earthworm is,collect from field come back, although certain aquaria is met first antiseptic processing, but the bug egg that everybody assures to helminth won't be contained inside the body of filar earthworm without method, the person that use accordingly must notice.
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