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View and admire piscine feed to reach grace material

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View and admire a fish to make more gorgeous and moving, the raw material of raise lubricious effect is contained in feed normally, more general have alga of green alga, helix, shrimp, crab kind etc, this kind of raw material not only the nutriment that contains high protein to pledge, more contain Carotinoid of tall pH indicator,

The cell of help fish pigment such as Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin piles up all sorts of pigment, make view and admire piscine body to express more gorgeous glorious, it is to view and admire a fish to expect the accretion that has distinguishing feature most is qualitative. After understanding views and admire piscine feed place to contain the sort of nutriment and effect, had turned round to see city carry out view and admire the sort that bait expects, can classify as follows roughly:  

(one) biology bait makings

Include vivid bait and refrigerant or dry biology bait material; Vivid bait has good year shrimp, water flea, bug of shrimp of earthworm of red bug, silk, brook, biscuit, silkworm chrysalis, these vivid bait also have make refrigerant bait or dry bait; Vivid bait is right the sex of mouth of be addicted to that views and admire a fish is very good, what contain nutriment with protein, adipose house tall, but its are individual the water portion that also contains 70 % above, opposite also meet those who have some kind of nutriment be short of break, if use some for a long time to plant alone,give birth to bait, what cause piscine body nutrition easily to go up is lopsided, bring about grow the influence that reachs health. Have the potential factor that cause disease more, wait like earthworm of red bug, silk scoop up catch at corrupt the brook of 檅, bacterium of a lot of cause of disease often exist inside its body, be like long-term edible this kind vivid bait, piscine body is affected easily namely and transmit a bacteria, bring about fall ill or die, so vivid bait does not suit to view and admire piscine edible, as a last resort, blame use cannot, at using before should clean disinfection to just do not cause the anxiety that has infection virus thoroughly.

(2) artificial feed:

(A) gives birth to bait artificially namely refrigerant hamburger, its make material with Niu Xin or go lubricious feed of fat beef, vitamin, raise, yeasty, yoke mix wring broken, refrigerant store, at present golden rainbow bay " the standard is refrigerant hamburger " put in the market formally already, norms breed is all ready, suit a variety of viewing and admire the fish is used, the refrigerant hamburger softness after defrost is like colleague labour banger, suit a variety of viewing and admire piscine mouth, suck is easy, grabbing feed with during taking in and send out in large quantities bait expects, do not cause hamburger dispersive mix water quality, it is processing, OK to adopt special technology achieve completely ripe the end that change, also have antiseptic effect. Won't submit contaminative form absolutely, after so every eat is fed, do not need to change water, very interest at a variety of viewing and admire piscine health and grow, it is first-rate views and admire piscine feed, but defect is to require refrigeration, the expiration period is 8 months only.
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