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View and admire piscine breed aquatics -- view and admire piscine fish to feed s

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Those who if we are same,miss the life that lets a fish is stable and leisurely and comfortable, be about to solve their appetite problem first. Different fish, different food, same fish, also want to change different taste.

The stand or fall that opts bait makings will affect the health that views and admire a fish directly, choosing correct bait to expect is very important to viewing and admire growing development of the fish. Must a variety of bait makings mix feed raise, such nutrition just are met balanced. The sort that bait expects has a lot of: Makings of feed of bait having work, refrigerant bait, artificial bait is waited a moment, each have each character.

Entice alive

Nutrient value is very high, also accord with quite view and admire piscine nature to photograph the lifestyle that feed, defect is not easy save for long; And helminth of easy carry secretly is mixed bacterium, feed when feeding must special attention.

Red bug: Say again: Daphnia, the likelihood is the raise bait makings with domestic most choice.

Hematic bug: The larva of a kind of mosquito, it is all vivid bait value of the nutrition in bait makings is highest (contain extremely rich protein) , and cast raise relatively clean. Just save in the summer not easy.

Filar earthworm: Helminth of very easy carry secretly, must have rinsed with a large number of clear water before casting raise feed again feed, not certain still can clean the helminth such as the hydra of parasitism, bloodsucker, so undeserved feed raise for a long time.

Good year shrimp: It is one kind uses very convenient vivid bait, can proper motion hatch casts raise, the larva do not have a section that feeds good year shrimp in order to feed more is given priority to, the larva that do not have a section just came out from egg hatch, contain very tall nutrition. Grown imago holds great majority with moisture, nutrient value is not high. But do not see more in market of domestic aquatic animals.

Refrigerant bait

Dry and refrigerant bait, dry bait: Had handled unripe bait namely again refrigerant or dry save.

Refrigerant red bug: Nutrient value is very high, be by unripe bait direct and refrigerant, the machine rate that carries parasite is very high, do not suggest to use.

Shrimp of refrigerant good year: Shrimp of refrigerant good year has shrimp and shrimp young plant two kinds. The nutrient value of shrimp of refrigerant abundant the year's harvest is inferior, but fish love eats, can mix with other feed hello feed. Price of seedling of shrimp of refrigerant good year is high, but nutrient value is high, if him inconvenience broods,good year shrimp is fed when feeding prelarva, but of short duration is replaced with seedling of shrimp of refrigerant good year. But refrigerant forever him be not a patch on of hatch have nutrition, still had better be oneself will brood.

Dry red bug: Dry red bug, use airing technology will red bug is dry save. Dry red bug won't carry parasite, more refrigerant safety giving birth to bait, but the fish loves to eat not quite.
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