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Feed of fish of 7 colour immortal: Solve abstain bovine heart hamburger to confu

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Solve fish of 7 colour immortal to contain the question mixing water of bovine heart hamburger:

1; Want to have a high grade mincing machine, must wring Niuxin and shelled fresh shrimps into adhesive mushy. . .

2: Shelled fresh shrimps is wrung after breaking agglutinant it is very big, and it is to do not have after Niu Xinjiao is broken agglutinant, so you must increase the proportion of shelled fresh shrimps and Niu Xin, had better be 1: 1, niuxin and shelled fresh shrimps are wrung severally after breaking, must again lump is wrung again, what can raise whole hamburger so is agglutinant, unapt change into water. . .

3: Water portion is another when cause hamburger to be changed into water main reason, when the hamburger that make so we must mix Niuxin shelled fresh shrimps is sufficient air water portion, niu Xin can be being wrung 1 hour is placed after breaking, the hematic water that lets Niu Xin is taken off adequately, if have food centrifugal,be to had better not pass, additional. Do not add tomato, Lenten and so on as far as possible the thing with hydrous more portion, can be replaced completely with the vitamin.

4: When feeding hamburger again, do not want to throw overmuch amount as far as possible, should eat how to much feed, feed bit by bit, although bother a few, but for not muddy water still should hold to.

5: Fish of careless crock job must be gotten have, colour is devouring the generation in the process of hamburger is drossy be hard to avoid, if doing not have working fish, these drossy meetings sink the bottom is arenaceous in the water quality that pollutes you then, the matter that raises working fish reduces pollution namely most base rate.

6: Build nitrify zoology to filter system, we know a fish impossible an all hamburger are drossy and all eat off, more or less still can one part sinks the bottom is arenaceous and by inspiratory filter in, those who add fish, and can decompose these rely on beneficial bacterium only. Build favorable nitrify modes of life and relation to their environment to filter so it is very necessary that the careless crock with arenaceous to know how things stand and feel confident of handling them system raises color.