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Of Long Yu hello feed a problem: The processing idea that the dragon fish anorex

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When Long Yugang is taken, the fast that the length on affirmative meeting occurrence time varies period. This are like and general fish differs somewhat, and occasionally your environment changes the likelihood too big, of water quality do not stabilize the incommensurate meeting with bait to bring about do not take food for long. The friend that this problem just raised Long Yu to those very have a headache and pained. Mix the issue of concerned attention below method is narrated as follows.

Above all after your Long Yu is being taken, must undertake moving water to the fish, what have the water in the water in piscine bag and your aquarium namely is harmonic, make it gets used to the water quality in your aquarium more easily, the process that moves water must want half hour above. When be being put into aquarium again, do not open crock lamp please, keep quiet at the same time do not scare, the lamps and lanterns in your aquarium can leave after 24 hours. Feed when feeding need not too urgent, you can try after a day feed, feed appetite to want small. If do not eat, after half hours food fish out, lest pollute water quality. Feed for the first time eat the food that feeds it to eat before as far as possible, if do not eat you to also need not worry, general after 3 days, it is unable to bear hunger to begin to eat fed, you can choose ringent food fish of a few dragon loves to eat, wait like bug of cockroach, biscuit, shrimp. If still do not eat after 6 days, the water quality problem that that is about to check you, if do not have a problem, the bait that is you is incorrect Long Yu's appetite, can choose other bait only. Such him circumstance has happened, astral dot dragon is entering crock hind 8 days to still do not eat feed, the food that feeds it to eat before namely also is be indifferent to sth, but take the small fish in the river when trying, discover small Yu Gang is put in however, long Yu resembles mad seeking the food that eats it euqally, took a month so, long Yucai begins to eat its food. If Long Yu does not eat,feed so, everybody can change only method will feed it.

If enter crock hind, long Yu takes the word that the refus go on a hunger strike with a kind of other edibles uses only, you are temporary can by move it, when the time that example entices had better be put in 35 centimeter above, begin, because example entices,won't bring about Long Yu so development is undesirable.