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The feed of short porgy -- alimental of two kinds of big short porgy introduces

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Short porgy should grow beautifully like the picture, can not allow really easy ah, because you are close friends,the good food that prepares him just goes, nevertheless, be based on the principle of simple introduction, offer a few more convenient but the method of nutrition of give attention to two or morethings, but short of course porgy is met a little all but! ! Nevertheless also perhaps, because water quality and other element are very much, how to meet had better wait for you to disentomb slowly to short porgy 啰 ! Basically, one day is fed feed with not less than it is a principle twice, and juvenile criterion can feed meal more than adult fish, but should notice not to make water quality change too fast, the food that after be like two hours, still did not eat all should be counted epispastic, lest destroy water quality. Ok! Look, we discuss the food 啰 of short porgy:

The digestion of short porgy cannot give not by force casually so makings, general and OKMinutes the food that offers short porgy is big kind: This pry of  of Tuan of Jie of Chen of Wei of massacre of に pry shrimp is rare

With artificial feed for, general meeting considers nutrition is balanced, but some meetings add too much and artificial color developing agent because of emphasizing colour developing too, this is bad to the fish, choose artificial feed to also want to choose carefully so, should carry not quite add artificial or chemical article relatively do not pollute water quality etc, the individual also has recommend a brand: Buddhist templeput on the brakes comforts feed of division of lamp of force of a few 選 and Tetra chip wait similar product a moment, additionally artificial feed has a drawback, the sex of mouth of be addicted to that is it is poorer (do not compare namely delicious) , want to feed artificial feed to may want domesticate bait 啰 commonly so! Nevertheless, if you think pair of short porgy are a bit better, the proposal does not feed artificial feed 啰 only! 3. Entice about domesticate, the method that the individual comprehends differs somewhat, nevertheless measure is probably: Send Kang Na of an old name for Japan truly this に pry? is like feed is float in surface must make it heavy go down to just go, but first bubble water enters aquatic animals case again) right now some fish can eat 9 are spat again come, irrespective, do not manage first they, go busy your, had waited for about 9 hours, come out the suction that did not eat again. The 1/3~1/4 that loses original feed amount again goes down, the purpose is to make a fish a bit hungry, too won't hungry! (Need not fear the fish will be starved to death, a week did not have the fish hungry also not dead) wait for next feed to repeat similar move again. After a few eat, can the fish cannot help grabbing maneating labour feed, such you can replace feed gradually came over! If short porgy is breeding,do not want domesticate to entice first nevertheless! 4. As to feed of refrigerant or vivid bait be a key,
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