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Of short porgy raise -- the acquisition of the vivid bait feed of short porgy

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Speak of the feed of short porgy, some can be bothered really, I have hear German fellow returns hamburger to eat to short porgy, nevertheless I think I am insufficient diligent, the thing that does not talk about hamburger so, write here to still want to do a hamburger to eat really eat.

1. Without section larva:

Summarize: Nai of  of wholesale of  of castrate of spay of Gu Han Hao leaveses of pulse plants plan strong pry of  of Tuan of Qian of male ∮ of  of  of reins of uglying scabbard billows hopes tip of Hao Ya of Han of Gu of Shen of  take along sth to sb  of  of Cou of  of Lao of Chuo of Cheng of 4 prostitute  breaks word Kang Xin to a concubine of an emperor unoccupied place home complains Liao confused, so the number that hermetically sealed can can reduce open, such egg won't be affected because of the element such as be affected with damp be affected with damp quite and lower hatch rate. Possible the word can put freezer to refrigerate or dark place is deposited. Want egg of shrimp of hatch good year you should prepare brine, scale is commonly:  of anxious  of Yong of difficult short for Weihe River of hesitating Qu vertebra is? to make an appointment with thousand 20~35) , similar proportion (unless you very care about obtain the biggest hatch to lead) can, putting most the shrimp egg of 4 teaspoon of 3 ~ , the need that inspects you is measured and decide, put small bleb again stone or receive wind to be in charge of swipe to enrage directly, water wants to just go like roll, water is warm had better control in 28 degrees, a day such agreement you are OK hatch does not have section larva one bottle, stop to encourage, need quiet period of time, the egg carapace after hatch is met float above, and the larva that do not have a section swims in middle-level, nethermost does not have the shrimp egg of hatch namely, how the larva do not have a section of complete collection middle-level is very knotty problem, general meeting goes buying a biology mesh (the tool that aquaria says to want to buy young plant of shrimp of filter good year was opposite! ) , a the finest that can filter does not have section larva, the float carapace above wants first purify, my method is, the bottle lap of preexistence hatch lamplight, larval people can run because of drive optical rotation to ground floor, such you are OK very fast teem filter drops the case above, come again slowly teem brine, in relatively the larva above can slip slowly come out, etc when getting on for bottom, be about to take care not the egg of hatch by teem, after filter works, you have the larva that one a small bay in a river wriggles to be able to feed a fish, the larva that gives filter first rushs with fresh water a few, you are usable like Jia Xigong exceeding trade the sort of plastic and bottled water of persimmon sauce is rinsed, come again irruptive in a cup, reoccupy burette is epispastic feed short porgy to eat 啰 ! ! Short porgy likes to eat this kind of larva that do not have a section very much, nutrition is very good also! But this is the vivid bait with the most troublesome education.
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