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Of kind porgy raise -- the feed method of porgy of Malawi lake kind

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The feeding habits that a lot of people speak of porgy of Malawi lake kind and cast hello, instantly the wide mouth that reaction is sort of the great majority in impression is cracked, and feral when take food eat actively; Pardonable also expect to casting the bait that feeds porgy of Malawi lake kind, most feeder nothing more than it is refrigerant earthworm of shrimp of red bug, good year, silk, shrimp or it is Zhu Wen bright and beautiful. But such casting is feeding a choice no risk at all really? Above all the good water quality that these refrigerant bait expect the likelihood pollutes your pains to maintain, and vivid bait partially although be mothered by what empty stomach rumbles,porgy swallows an abdomen in, but still having is partially the borak that suffers kind porgy or it is to gnaw bite, and the of low quality that takes in raising an environment to cause water quality after all changes; Besides is a lot of the worry that unripe bait contains helminth or is a bacteria, also gradually accumulate in raising an environment, create the secret worry on the management after the whole day. More important is, you decide raises lake produces kind porgy, be 100 percent very carnivorous principle person? These a variety of expect about bait choice and send fed issue, absolute value gets each each to brag to think for the player's feeder. Accordingly we can't help must returning Malawi lake in former unripe environment, will examine these lakes to produce kind porgy afresh people one eating assorted? How does one take?

Lake inside the country environment far relatively we imagine the deficient backbone that come, because besides a few outside avoiding the small fish shrimp with poorer ability, can offer the target when be being caught easily, be full of the snail with some of hard crust kind with the fresh water sponge that is without nutrient value; Because this is opposite,enter an abdomen at one of the assorted in the crock at raising medium kind porgy, apparent by human feed individual appear much happier! Because this is in the environment with exceeding and limited natural resources, kind porgy people slowly perform those who was born to differ to photograph feed character, the exemple is consistent kind porgy of the part in order to absorb a lake inside the country crustacean give priority to, so 牠 people although the tooth is apparent, but not keen however, main purpose depends on crunch crustacean with snail kind incrustation, jie in order to increase the chance of gorge; And relative to Yu Yijia carapace kind for the kind porgy sort that eat, halfway sort is fed with chasing the small fish in move about to be, they act give birth to keen and meticulous tooth, the sort with aggressiveness and more general also at the same time vigor is very. Mention the feeding habits of porgy of the kind in Malawi lake nevertheless, cannot forget to belong to the Malawi lake that reachs common to call equestrian area to feed eye porgy Dimidiochromis Compressiceps; Because former it is with adherent Yu Yan the meticulous alga on the face and deposit are feed, and latter has partially food source is in order to atttack a fish eye ministry organization is feed.
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