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The food of short porgy feed chooses

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Oneself fish that the friend with feed short a lot of more current porgy can become aware is very fat, after asking, discover they can choose to feed refrigerant blood bug or shrimp of refrigerant good year, talk about hematic bug first.

Hematic bug nutrition is very rich, and the alvine path of short porgy grows again fine, many animal albumen brings about the burden accentuation of intestines and stomach, can make short porgy not carefully fat a bit blank even, and refrigerant blood bug is prefabricate, medium disinfection is packed in treatment also hard know the inside story, possible area enters bug egg, I bring about the parasitism of camel form wireworm the earliest. In the fish of country of origin, whats eat, of animal sex, vegetal, the body that is other fish even and floral are changed if really, because food is not enough, see short porgy is in ceaseless in aquatic animals box so, still meet sometimes after taking bottom sand into the mouth to filter, spit again come, the reason that we see feral type of build or figure is good also has the concern of this respect.

Short porgy picture

Good year shrimp is right choice, but most the good year shrimp that nourishing is hatch 24 hours does not have section larva, as continue hatch and exuviate carapace, his oneself can use up nutrient, and value of nutrition of imago of shrimp of refrigerant good year is very low, go against the growth of short porgy and breed. My individual is to use shrimp of hatch good year not to have section larva, begin to collect after 24 hours, 48 hour hind are basic be all hatch, after time grew, can die for the most part again, accordingly I can be commonly inside 48-54 hour after after be being collected entirely, be being rinsed clean, add a few fresh water tries refrigerant, such need not every day hatch. This is the staple food of my short porgy.

The nutrition of the feed such as artificial chip, grain is balanced it is right choice, added natural raise lubricious part especially, can increase short porgy more view and admire a gender, allegedly Germany has the refrigerant plankton of raise color to sell now, the effect is top-ranking. But short porgy is right natural food more have fun at, especially juvenile has fun at to live body food only, accordingly I can feed 1-2 every week only second chip, juvenile is the ability after a month meets a few accretion.