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Submarine of small-sized tropical fish -- the omen that disease of submarine fis

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Submarine fish picture

Submarine fish picture

Often inspect the body condition of bub, want the careful whole body that examines bub everyday as daily habit, check looks up the possibility that whether has explicit disease, infection of helminth bacterium fungus bites mark to get hurt etc. Observe their activity incidentally, see the move unusual. The examination of such routine has a profit is bub can know you very quickly, when you go to the side of the crock, they can circle before you fluctuation move about. Want to notice to observe a few kinds of bad omen:

1. have a poor appetite, bub is very greedy actually, if discover his have a poor appetite or when having a thing pick and choose, was where to give an issue certainly.

2. controls line of force, if discover the body side of bub is in,the line of deep gray appeared between back and abdomen, these line but from mouth ministry outspread all the time to the tail, also be the sign that does not want.

3. the sort to white belly, if the abdomen of bub blackened, and color is deepened ceaselessly, also want advertent.

Below 4. normal circumstance, the color of bub back is met as the mood of the element such as a day of medium time change and change somewhat, but if the color of his back is chased,become bleak gradually, the system with and cannot change for a long time be met regular is lubricious, also be one of dangerous signal.

If discovered a problem, the environment that should check bub seriously to live (the chroma) that salinity temperature crosses filter PH ammonia and nitrite, if the environment does not have a problem, there are other terrorists in the crock that should see bub (certain big fish) let him feel fear. And there is enough hideout in the crock rest for him, if afore-mentioned circumstances are normal, whether did the body that examines him seriously with respect to need have physics to harm.

The pig division that sells on home market at present views and admire a fish, can be called stain - green - balloonfish. Formal name Tetraodon Nigroviridis. 17CM can grow in feral environment, but do not grow normally in aquatic animals box so big, what sell on the market is much control in 5CM. Fresh water fingerling, PH 8.O of tall hardness water, suit water lukewarm 24-28, avirulent.

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