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Antibiotic treats medium use method in piscine disease

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1. Penicillin a group of things with common features (penicillin G Potassium. Benzyl penicillin potassium. Penicillin G natrium) Penicillinum G De tastes the action that fight bacterium originally very strong, bacterium of positive of family name of most coccus, change orchid, helicoid, actinomyces is sensitive. But the water of penicillin allows fluid pole to be not stabilized. In water more than 4 hours remove effect price to be reduced apparently. This is a lot of friends its discovering in use process is not very the account that the canal uses. Vp card is wide chart to synthesize penicillin partly than Xi Lin Carbenicil effect of electronegative to Ge Lan bacterium is apparent. With suffer sadness to catch with piscine body. Cephalothinum of element of &u38 pioneer mildew is electronegative to Ge Lan, electropositive bacterium effect is apparent. The sadness outside can be being used at the fish catchs cure. To enteritis action not be apparent. The helminth treatment that cannot be used at the fish includes white spot defect. @Q/

2. Terramycin (element of mildew of oxygen tetracycline, ground) Terramycinum uses mildew of infection of bacterium of Yu Chang path, water to have certain curative effect. @`;G doxycycline Doxycyclinum acts well and terramycin is same, it is good that some wants curative effect at terramycin, the characteristic is to excrete slow action can abiding, defect is the appetite that creates a fish easily not beautiful. DJ OH 3. Sulfate Gentanycinum Sulfas uses gentamicin to have apparent effect with enteritis. But with the quarantine that does common fish, very the effect on precaution is general. Do not want to be used together with penicillin!

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