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The anamnesis of R of common disease of bright and beautiful carp reachs remedia

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The common disease of bright and beautiful carp reachs remedial method

1. Law of profess to convinced: Drug mixes in feed, cure malnourished or bacterial sex disease and in-house disease.

2. Dipping law: Basically be helminth of drive body watch, treat the exterior disease of bacterial sex.

3. Local cure: Cure is traumatic reach body surface disease, local and traumatic cure.

4. Inject therapeutics: All sorts of bacterial sex diseases can adopt muscle or abdominal cavity injects.

5. Operation cure: Piscine fim traumatic or be out of shape inflict plastic surgery.

Virus sex disease

Pocky disease

(1) pathogeny: Qiuwei and winter water are warm relatively appear when the bottom (15 degrees or so)

(2) symptom: Come on earlier, body is expressed or ivory blob appears on tail fin, enclothe the mucus of a very thin white, later escalate, as a result spreads all over. The skin surface of part of focus of a disease is added thick and form content of hyperplasia of chunk stone lardaceous, these proliferous content grow certain size and ply to be able to fall off automatically, water quality rots in Yushui, fall off place grows new proliferous other people afresh again. The ill fish with pocky infection gradually angular, move about is logy, appetite is poorer, chang Chen is in benthic, die in succession.

(3) cure: #0. 1~0. Fluid of 3MG/KG chloromycetin medicine is long-term dipping.

# uses system of chloromycetin inject fish, dosage is every end 25MG.

(4) precaution: Add in # pool pour new water, content falls off by draw-out pool at any time, improved water quality.

# aggrandizement autumn breeds the job, strengthen nutrition, it is certain to make bright and beautiful carp has before the winter puffy degree, enhance the ability of counteractive low temperature and disease-resistant.

# is alled over with total pool of 1~2MG/KG of furan Xi Lin asperse, prevent pocky happening.

Mildew of skin of fungus sex disease

() of water mildew, white defect: One grew on piscine body " Bai Mao " , if be treated not in time, invade body when the bacteria inside when, the fish is met gradually feeble death. Form branchial mildew when branchial ministry when parasitism, often bring detonate to send a gender to die.

(1) pathogeny: Skin mildew is bacterium of a kind of filiform (place of water mildew, continous mildew, SAPROLEGNIA) causes, most happening is counted in the fish the cistern from how or muddy lentic in, the body that be like a fish emaciated or have traumatic when easier infection, pathological changes is in mycelial of shape of long many batt, friend calls Bai Mao disease again.

Bright and beautiful carp has the reason of skin mildew, basically be to catch, the operation when carrying is not careful, abrade skin, or because helminth is destroyed branchial express with body, or skin of because water is warm too low frostbite, the spore of mildew of water of as a result invades cut and affect. When water lukewarm appropriate when (15~25 spends or so) , 3~5 day blossoms concentrated hypha body, infection amount is very much when the death that can cause ill fish. Water mildew annual exists, autumn end early spring is popular season. To each from roe age fish can be affected, when hatch water lukewarm low when, produce water mildew extremely easily on roe.
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