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Piscine branchial disease is treated -- a technology of effective branchial dise

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Fish branchial disease, by its the pathogen that cause disease can be divided for bacterial sex sex of sodden branchial disease, fungus rots branchial disease (weigh branchial mildew again) , helminth sex branchial disease.

Bacterial sex rots branchial disease is common contagious fish disease, constant as ill as bacterial sex enteritis, bare skin disease is intercurrent, endanger grass carp fingerling, adult fish badly, once break out, grass carp mortality is as high as 60 % above, at the same time serious also minatory black carp, silver carp is mixed variegated carp. Change the rapid development that breeds kind as high density, intensive in recent years, fish of forked end of fish of carp, eel, mandarin fish, collect blame, stain is answered, the name such as California perch actors or actress breed is serious also infection bacterium sex is sodden branchial disease, mortality often is as high as 40 % above. Fish branchial disease affects the further progress of aquiculture badly, aquatic product labour

The author undertook to this disease much research works, had summed up the technology of prevention and cure that gives an effective.

, pathogen

1. Bacterial sex is sodden branchial disease: The pathogen of sodden branchial disease is bacterial sex stick coccus. Bacterium body is long and thin, bend soft and easily, degree of finish agrees basically, make an appointment with 0.3 micron left and right sides, two Duan Dun circles, bend a bit commonly, bend form of hemicycle, circle, U, V sometimes model with Y model etc; But shorter bacterium put oneself in another's position is straight normally, bacterium body length 4 micron of 2 ~ , some is as long as 37 micron. Law of the general division that use a horizontal stroke is progenitive, dissension becomes 2 length roughly equal individual, this bacterium does not have flagellum, do normally glide to move or shake vibratile. 6.5 ~ are worth in PH 7.5 grow good, PH8 grows poorer, PH8.5 above and PH6 do not grow below. The most comfortable temperature 25 ℃ grow good, but poisonous force is powerful; 18 ℃ grow slower, poisonous force is powerful; 33 ℃ grow good, but poisonous force is poorer; 40 ℃ grow slow, poisonous force is very small; 4 ℃ do not grow, 65 ℃ die 5 minutes. Salt of 0.7 % above is contained to be able to restrain this bacterium to grow in education radical, this bacterium holds sexual good energy of life concurrently to grow, also can grow below condition of oxygen of be disgusted with, but grow slow, progenitive time is little.

2. Fungus sex branchial disease (branchial mildew) : The pathogen of branchial mildew is branchial mould. The branchial mould of grass carp parasitism, its mycelial substance is thicker bend straight and less, it is sheet pole is lengthened normally grow, ramose and very few, do not enter blood-vessel and cartilage, grow in the organization of branchial flake only. Hypha body diameter is 20 ~ 25 micron, of spore it is 8 micron continuously. Fish of Yu Qing of another kind of parasitism, variegated carp, dace is branchial in, its mycelial often curves reticulate, fine and the wall is large, ramose fasten much, ramose along branchial silk hemal or wear cartilage to grow, freely crisscross is full of branchial silk and branchial flake, hypha body diameter is 6.6 ~ 1.56 micron, spore diameter is 6.6 micron on average.
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