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Fight a fish most subject method of prevention and cure of disease of a few kind

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A is traumatic: Those who fight a fish is bellicose those who make watch of body of its hard to avoid has different rate is traumatic, answer to take step in time right now, lest cut suffers,cause other disease cure: (1) antibiotic, wait for the solution that makes up chroma to be 2mg/l like penicillin, tetracycline, immerse piscine body, exchange fluid of one part medicine everyday, till,treat continuously cut heal; (2) daub merbromin is in in cut, besmear everyday 1 ~ 2; (3) in methylene of pH indicator of 2 ~ 3mg/l the dip in blue solution washs piscine system 5 ~ 15 minutes; (4) the cut of daub of solution of peacock a green pigment made of malachite that uses 1 % .

Pathogeny of B sodden end, sodden fim: Because carry, clear crock, piscine system is met carelessly when scooping up a fish or fight a fish mutual worry and the cut that cause, be affected to cause tail and fim by bacterium and mould fester. Symptom: Piscine fim and piscine tail fin the brim is whiten, cut secretes mucus, serious when the fim of dorsal fin, ventral, anal fin misshapen not complete, sometimes tail fin fim the connective tissue between cartilage splits and make tail fin submits broom form, cankered even fim and end sever piscine system, make fight a fish to lose view and admire value. Cure: (1) the furan Zun ketone that uses 5mg/l and the salt solution of 1 % immerse ill fish, in order to medication while, through sending the new work such as the water earthworm that feeds classics disinfection bait strengthens nutrition, enhance disease-resistant ability and constituent recovery capability; (2) the penicillin aqueous solution that 100 thousand unit of 5 ~ uses in every 10 kilograms of water immerses piscine body, add right amount vitamin in bait; (3) with fim of daub of aqueous solution of ketone of Zun of furan of 1 % pH indicator breakage, everyday daub 1, successive 3 ~ can make cut heal 5 times; (4) every kilograms of water uses 1mg bleaching powder or immerse 1 hour with potassium permanganate solution, water is warm when 20 ℃ potassium permanganate chroma is 0.5ppm, when water Wen Wei chroma of the potassium permanganate when 25 ℃ is 1ppm, fish out hind uses affected part of daub of bleaching powder mixture, till heal.

Pathogeny of bug of C small melon: Be by the cilium of protozoan kind helminth is much child fim of the body watch of parasitism of small melon bug at the fish, fish and branchial go up cause, call white spot disease again. Symptom: Come on earlier, fight a fish to shrink fin, anorexia, reaction pauses behindhand, often grind ceaselessly on aquatic block the body, make a round trip ceaselessly between the epithelial tissue that fight a fish when larva of small melon bug when activity and secure personal gain, piscine body epithelial tissue is bloated; When the nutrition that organizes when skin of body of juvenile absorb fish, exciting fish body secretes a large number of mucus, make piscine body organizes hyperplasia, form the afterbirth bag of white stain shape. Ill fish whole body enclothes white mucus to be just as aspersed a whitening. Its course of diseases lasts commonly 5 ~ 10 days. Cure: (1) be in with aqueous solution of a green pigment made of malachite of peacock of pH indicator of 0.3 ~ 0.4mg/l 20 ℃ water is warm next dip wash piscine system 2 hours, put ill fish the full in clear water 1 hour next, the dead bug body that adheres to with cleared fish body and mucus, 5 ~ undertake repetition cure after 7 days; (2) wash piscine system 60 minutes with dip of mixture of a green pigment made of malachite of peacock of formalin of pH indicator of 200 ~ 250mg/l and pH indicator of 1 ~ 2mg/l, successive 3, put into clear water to raise 60 minutes next, repeat after 6 days with medicine; (3) with 2mg/l methylene blue solution immerses 6 hours; (4) with 0.05 ~ ill fish of bath of water of solution of mercurochrome of 0.07 % pH indicator 5 ~ 15 minutes; (5) the characteristic with not high temperature resistant bug of basis small melon, raise water lukewarm to 28 ℃ , bursa of afterbirth of bug of small melon of number Queen of heaven is met oneself gradually burst falls off, need to change only right now new water, the water that keeps constant is warm; (6) water Wen Jia reachs 30 ℃ , the chroma that presses 0.05g/l in water joins vitriolic quinine, lie between 7 day hind to repeat cure, wait for heal hind quiet place 3 hours to return to normal again water is warm.
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