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The symptom of common fish branchial disease and remedial method

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 Bacterial sex branchial disease

Symptom: Ill fish branchial silk is mucous grow in quantity, nigrescent, hang full bilge, serious branchial silk decay shows character. Cause of disease: Undesirable stimulation branchial ministry organizes water quality, cause a fish to be stuck bacterium of form of coccus, column or other bacteria infection.

Method of prevention and cure:

(1) adjust water quality, eliminate a bacteria. It is to often be added pour new water; 2 it is to use exceed Laoshui of bacterium clean A processing, exterminate bacterium of cause of disease; 3 it is the amount of water system switch that increases fluctuation layer with aerator agitate water.

(2) with 0.2, the douse of total pool of furan Zun ketone of 0.4ppm will treat, the effect is distinct, usable also bleaching powder or douse of total pool of the other preparation that contain oxygen will prevent and cure.

(3) cast feed antiseptic medicine to entice or add antibiotic with 3 yellow pink kind medicaments mixes makings cast hello.
Mould sex branchial disease

Symptom: Branchial silk is nigrescent, move unripe mycelial, happen at the pond of ageing of water quality of section of tall warm season. Cause of disease: Branchial mould.

Method of prevention and cure: With calx thoroughly clear pond, ill fish needs destroy by melting or burning, peacock a green pigment made of malachite or 2 oxidation are chloric have certain inhibition to this mould, come on piscine pool needs to change water in great quantities, improved water quality.
Send bug sex branchial disease

Symptom: After early spring become civilized, as a result of constitution of fish of live through the winter weaker, water quality is dirtier, often cause fingerling to come on. Spring piece fingerling edge of Yu Chi of rambling move about or ahull head manage constant group, lens check is the parasitism such as inclined tube bug, cup body bug more. When summertime fry pool comes on, fine day of general and common ill Yu Zaiqing enrages group rise surface, appear state of anoxic float head, makings stage does not go up when domestication or eat a little while to continue dispersedly float at surface, appetite drops apparently, grow slow. Lift ill fish operculum to organize hyperplasia it is thus clear that, mucous grow in quantity.

Cause of disease: Wait for a large number of parasitism to cause by bug of protozoan wheel bug, branchial concealed whipworm, inclined tube.


(1) autumn piece into Chi Huochun of live through the winter piece when dividing a pool, use immerse integratedly agent bubble fingerling.

(2) add potassium permanganate 0.5ppm with bluestone total pool douse.

(3) add vitriolic and ferrous 0.7ppm with bluestone total pool douse.
Fluke kind branchial disease

Symptom: Ill fish is impatient and disturbed, chang Yue gives water, or eating in feeding a process " scamper battalion " , branchial silk strut, adhesion. Cause of disease: By ring bug, 3 acting bug reach the odd breed fluke such as China flea a large number of parasitism are caused, often erupt simultaneously bacterial sex is sodden branchial disease.
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