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Piscine disease prevents and cure -- 8 greatly the symptom of type fish branchia

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The fish lives in water, rely on the dissolved oxygen in branchial inspiratory water, the many pathogen biology that exists in water is affected very easily branchial on, branchial incidence of a disease is very accordingly high. Branchial disease of the fish is a lot of more phyletic, break for accurate examine, reasonable with medicine, can be branchial ill cent the following 8 greatly type

The branchial disease that disease causes by the parasitism such as bug of bug of egg form wheel, little wheel. These car rotifer can be affected to juvenile and adult fish, plant in the fish level is the most general, often gather in crows in branchial silk brim or branchial silk aperture, make branchial

Cankered, affect breathing function of the fish badly, make the fish dies.

Method of prevention and cure (Chi Shui of 1) every stere is used 0. 5 grams bluestone and 0. 2 grams are vitriolic and ferrous total pool douse, can kill branchial rotifer getting on a car.

(2) surface of every 667 square metre, depth of water 1 meter when, with bitter chinaberry branches and leaves 30 kilogram boil Shui Quanchi douse, can kill wheel insect effectively.

Disease the fish that wait in the branchial ministry of China sturgeon by parasitism of carp louse of fish of neck drafting a horse and causes is ill. Bug body is in except parasitism the fish is branchial beyond, also parasitism goes up in the oral cavity of China sturgeon, fim. Bug body is worn with originallying quinquangularly implement insert parasitism deeply

inside the organization, others is bare beyond piscine body, show white or ivory. Agnail of place of bug body parasitism, hemal dilate submits cobweb form, cause constituent canker even.

Method of prevention and cure can use dipterex of 90 % crystal total pool is alled over asperse, water system uses every stere medicine 0. 2 grams, carp louse of fish of medicable horse neck is ill.

Disease is in by branchial mould parasitism the fish is branchial on those who cause. Catch the acute of branchial mildew ill fish, expression is branchial haemorrhage, color of partial branchial silk is cadaverous, the fish is not photographed feed, a large number of inside a few days death after occurrence illness. Chronic model disease

Fish, decay of necrotic branchial silk part falls off, branchial silk is anaemic, show cadaverous scene, mortality is a bit low, cut the branchial silk with next cankered a few, can observe below microscope the mycelial of branchial mould.
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