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Piscine branchial cure -- the method of prevention and cure of bacterial sex bra

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One, cause of disease is columnar bacterium of fiber of be addicted to () of bacili of oar of music of Yuan Jiaozhu shape.

2, quality of style of semiotic ill fish is nigrescent, it is with the head especially very, reason masses call this disease again " aconite acute communicable diseases " . Ill fish move about is slow, unresponsive to outside stimulation, breath is difficult, anorexia; Branchial piece go up gray having cover or daub with plaster, white or candle yellow stain, extreme of branchial a surface, branchial silk is mucous grow in quantity, and constant conglutinate is silty, branchial silk strut, serious when branchial silk extreme is short of caustic; The skin inside operculum bone center often is corroded circle or irregular transparent fenestella, reason has " put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored " say.

3, popular circumstance this disease breeds for fresh water fish in a kind of fish of wide popularity is ill. Basically endanger grass carp, black carp, carp, crucian carp, silver crap, triangular bream, Yong also can happen. In recent years, renown actor fish breeds in, if fish of eel, mandarin fish, fresh water is white,forked end of perch of Chang, California, stain is bound wait to have the case that causes large quantities of death because of sodden branchial disease more. No matter the fish is planted or adult fish phase all can happen. This disease is in commonly water is warm begin to happen when 15 ℃ above, inside 15-30 ℃ limits, water Wen Yue jumps over easy eruptive popularity high. Because the host range of pathogenic bacteria is very wide, wild miscellaneous fish also can be affected, accordingly, be infected easily and spread. This disease often erupts simultaneously with disease of enteritis of bare skin disease and bacterial sex.

4, symptom and popular circumstance can make diagnostic ground preliminary diagnose. With microscope examination, branchial go up to reach fungus parasitism without a large number of helminth, see a large number of slightness, slip bacili, can make diagnose further.

5, the advantage that Chinese herbal medicine of prevention and cure has a lot of chemical synthetic to cannot be rivalled, if balance yin and yang, enhance airframe immunity power, remain inside body low hold nutrition and medicaments concurrently the action of double sex and resourceful etc. Accordingly, apply in aquaculture of our country fresh water more extensive, to popularize health breed aquatics, introduce Chinese herbal medicine to rot in sex of bacterium of prevention and cure branchial disease applies mediumly only now.

1, gallnut gallnut is molar, after using boiled water to immerse, total pool is alled over asperse, make pool water chroma is 2-4ppm, result of prevention and cure is favorable (effect of douse of midday of gallnut fine the world is best) .

2, dip of fluid of 1% pieplant decoct is used before the pond below Chinese rhubarb fingerling 5-10 of the body that wash a fish minute, can prevent this disease effectively; Pieplant of total pool douse, make pool water chroma is 2.5-3.7ppm, dip of 20 kilograms of 0.3% ammonia water can be used by every kilograms of pieplant before Chinese rhubarb is used bubble 12-24 hour; Every 100 kilograms of fish mix with Chinese rhubarb pink bait expects 0.5 kilograms of profess to convinced, cast continuously feed 3 days.
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