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Brazilian chelonian is common ill -- how to prevent and cure disease of Brazilia

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The Brazilian chelonian that at present domestic place weighs has a lot of sort actually, but daily the great majority that we raise is red branchial bright and beautiful chelonian or yellow branchial bright and beautiful chelonian, this kind of chelonian belongs to the chelonian of sex of half water dwell, be carnivorous sex normally, wait like small fish, shrimp or beef of pig of essence of life. Be opposite when this chelonian the young of water depend on stronger, the time that has 2/3 above about needs to live in water, the grows pair of water dependence as the age gradually little, but still need to live around fountainhead damp region. Because Brazilian chelonian belongs to intertropical chelonian, raise daily besides wanting to notice water quality, food, master the temperature of water even.

Water quality addle is one of main reasons that cause Brazilian chelonian death. The container that raises Brazilian chelonian cannot too small, a small expanded plastics can be placed in water piece climb to chelonian climb rest. Maintain change water everyday (raise with aquarium, have filter except) of the system, water is warm had better maintain in 25C ° above, changing water must be passed except chloric processing in order to assure water quality. Age two season everyday morning and evening can let chelonian bask appropriately, in order to enhance the constitution of chelonian, but summertime avoid by all means insolates.

How to prevent and cure the haemorrhoid of chelonian is ill

The haemorrhoid disease of chelonian is common disease, but a lot of friends do not know cure, the painful chelonian that lose love. This ill symptom, the white haemorrhoid that there is one around the neck of chelonian, limb or anus or counts a soybean volume, squash with the hand all around, have the thing of content of form of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk of yellow, white. Ill chelonian still can take food in sicken initial stage, feed less gradually, accentuate stage by stage as the illness and gastric disorder, unresponsive. Die inside general 2-3 week.

Causing ill cause basically is: Pathogen is bacterium of single born of the same parents of hydrosphere of be addicted to to nod shape subspecies, constant consist in water the place such as path of the skin of medium, chelonian, bowel. When water environment is favorable, chelonian is the person that take mattress, once water quality environment is polluted, chelonian body has traumatic when, the bacteria can breed in great quantities, cause chelonian to contract haemorrhoid disease thereby.

Method of prevention and cure should note the contaminative problem of water above all, assure the environmental quality of water. When raising discovery ill chelonian only more, raise its segregation first. The content content of focus of a disease of will ill chelonian is squeezed thoroughly piece, put on the skin of the wine that use sulphur is wiped, the Terramycin on apply pink, reoccupy tampon (there are terramycin or golden Lei Ying to follow ointment on tampon) ram person ill affected part. If the chelonian of sicken is water dwell chelonian kind, can put its into shallow water. Answer to the chelonian of gastric disorder idea is filled feed food, it is in food embedded antibiotic kind medicaments.
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