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Chelonian is ill -- Brazilian chelonian is common ill pathogeny and remedial met

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One, gastroenteritis [the pathogeny] chelonian kind after taking food, because environmental temperature drops suddenly, or put in bait material is not new, sordid, or water quality addle, all can cause chelonian to contract this disease. [Symptom] sicken has a few mucus in slight chelonian excrement and urine or excrement and urine is rare soft, show yellow, green or bottle green, chelonian eats feed little. The chelonian excrement and urine with heavy sicken submits sample or mucus form, show dark reddish brown, sanguine. Chelonian stops to take food! [Prevention and cure] it is OK to treat gastroenteritis to answer join in feed a few the medicaments of gastroenteritis of element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, chloromycetin or other mankind cure. If do not take food to need to have intramuscular injection, nevertheless the individual has this capacity rarely, the solution that also can use afore-mentioned drug immerses, curative effect is not apparent nevertheless, if chelonian got gastroenteritis,want seasonable treatment in other words, when when it does not take food the death that be cured very hard and causes chelonian!

2, green pus holiday is one-celled bacterium septicemia [the pathogeny] green pus holiday is one-celled bacterium is extensive in consist in soil, sewage. Main classics enteron, cut is affected. There also is the presence of this bacterium in bait makings, fountainhead! [Symptom] ill chelonian does not have appetite, take food little, vomit, discharge yellow or excrement and urine of Brown pus shape! [Prevention and cure] precaution excels cure, because this notices the cleanness that the environmental sanitation of chelonian and feed water is,won't bring about a bacterium to affect, once sicken can mix streptomycin inside feed, perhaps immerse with streptomycin solution!

3, scabies is ill [the pathogeny] be in mostly water dwell chelonian and body of chelonian of chelonian of half water dwell come on. Pathogeny is hydrosphere of be addicted to one-celled bacterium nods subspecies. Constant in consist in water, the place such as path of the skin of chelonian, bowel. When water environment is favorable, chelonian is carrier, once the environment is polluted or body watch gets hurt, a large number of breed cause the bacteria chelonian sicken! [Symptom] know exactly about sth of neck, limb the white scabies of soybean volume, squash with the hand all around the thing of content of form of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk that has yellow, white. Ill chelonian initial stage still can eat feed, appetite drop off, serious person gastric disorder, unresponsive. General 2-3 Zhou Ke brings about ill chelonian to die. [Prevention and cure] raise ill chelonian segregation above all, push the content thing in scabies entirely piece, apply affected part with put on the skin of tincture of iodine, and the Terramycin on apply pink, the tampon stuff that again besmear besmear creams terramycin or aureomycin eye enters affected part. Put ill chelonian into shallow water next, answer to the chelonian of gastric disorder fill is fed, it is in feed interfuse antibiotic medicaments!
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