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The disease that fight a fish -- fight a fish the method of prevention and cure

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White spot disease

The disease with tropical common fish. The water quality that the account that produce is unrest and temperature change cause a disease. The exterior white dot that the feature is the body is adherent. 1. Earlier when can raise water lukewarm 30 degrees of or so.2. Or use armour machine is blue and add lukewarm to 30 degrees of.3. Use brine bath adds Wen Ye to have pretty good effect (water 10 liter. ) of saline 5-10 fair gram.

Peppery disease (velvet)

Smaller than white spot disease white (or coffee) drop record. Thickly dotted. Resembling is peppery Tu Man piscine appearance. The choppy place that is water quality commonly is caused. Briny bath (water 10 liter. Saline 5-10 is overcome) the result is right.

Establish scale or loose scale disease

The infection with exasperate water quality. Exterior scale handstand. It is to use fungus medicine to add bacterial medicine to be treated together. Note incomplete bait and water quality more.

Needle hole reachs sodden fim

Fight the disease that the fish often produces. Exterior resembling is a small hole was cut among fin. Move when choppy or health is poor or be carried be water quality commonly or tussle place is caused. Lest be affected 2 times,note water quality more.


A kind when fight a fish body color falls off. The reason is health difference. Note bait makings and water quality more.

Of the exterior mucous membrane of the body come off

The mutation of water quality makes the exterior mucous membrane of the body produces damage. And by denude. This is to fight a fish to change water common a kind of disease. Often cause death. Fish of much when changing water attention. Ensure changed water is good water quality.

Small ailment of yellow □ fish

First account is intense attack is wounded. That cut often is encroached by mould. And fester falls at facial ministry square the commonnest. Constant strut is outspread the face is rear.

Ascites disease

Exterior resembling is abdomen abnormal intumescent. The reason is undeserved bait makings and bad water quality place are caused almost. Because the endoparasite is caused,be rarely almost. But likely. It is commonly expect from water quality improvement and change bait first (decrease hello feed) make. Do not feed food temporarily even. If do not have the effect when. Cross a period of time to use remedy of the bug inside body again. This pathology often erupts simultaneously disease establishing scale. Must very much patient ability treats this symptom.

Clip end

It is bad place causes water quality almost commonly. Medicaments of use bacterium sex can be cured very quickly. But water quality environment must be improved during cure.


It is what water quality and temperature cause out of order almost. This kind of pathology can be infected quickly. So need disinfects commonly used appliance. Reach crocks of whole cure. Medicine of mould of city carry out can be cured very quickly. Or cure of use salt bath. Day effect is slower.
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