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The preparation with South-American short progenitive porgy works

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Short porgy of progenitive South America (basically be Yamaxun short porgy) preparation works:

One, aquatic animals box

Because they are small,short porgy calls short porgy is. Actually short porgy majority is less than 10 centimeters. The aquatic animals box of porgy of breed weak point wants a foundation fish size and normally environment issues these bub people the size of progenitive water area that progenitive place needs prepares for the basis appropriate. Choose 30 ~ generally speaking 60 centimeters aquatic animals box. I specific can allude in special of the following short porgy.

A large number of short, concentrated aquatic can breed of domestic breed short porgy in aquatic animals box. Place lay eggs bed. Lay eggs the bed is main according to this breed lay eggs characteristics finds a place for. Open model those who lay eggs is OK laid block perhaps is buckled to a small dish. What burrow lays eggs is OK the horizontal stroke comes basin of a floret or appropriative obstetric table.

2, filter

The proposal uses biochemical cotton filter

3, close this choose

Close this the choice must accord with all health above all fish standard: Each fim is complete, strong watch of lively and fast, body does not have large, move about unusual. And very important also to the breed choice of short porgy. If can be done feral individual, intense proposal buys hybridization to lest degrade,be mixed with the gene of aggrandizement offspring mutation.

4, day-to-day management

Short porgy is flimsier. Day-to-day management is bad to cause a large number of death very easily. Because this is daily management is very fundamental:

1, nurturance examines nitrite content regularly.

2, change water regularly. New water filters with activated carbon.

3, daily hold to draw-out bottom arenaceous the residual, excrement and urine that go up.

4, strive for do not mix raise. Actually best progenitive box breeds box namely. Had better add up to parent fish to raise and be not mixed only with other fish at the beginning so raise.

5, bait makings

A few much food principles are piscicultural important principle oh. But if do not have the word of time one day,need to feed two ~ only 3 eat are OK. Feed respect can use special chip or egg of shrimp flesh, shrimp.

6, progenitive

Normally the fish of breed period can have strong marital quality and sex character appear. Female fish can differentiate in aquatic animals box a sphere of influence. When beginning so, can carry away male fish first. And appreciably reduces little Ph cost. After normally female fish lays eggs 3 ~ 4 days of hatch, cross 2 ~ 3 days to prelarva begins move about and can think with prelarva special feed or the larva do not have a section of good year shrimp.

Female fish is met likely during breed eat off egg. If produce reason of this kind of circumstance to may have 3 kinds:

1, male fish or the sense of urgency that other fish causes
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