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The progenitive technology of South-American short porgy

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Will do not know to want not to want retell again, because breed is not the range that introductory place should discuss, but do not tell seem to have a drawback again, after thinking by every means so, still tell go down, feel too difficult to had been jumped over! Short porgy in you fine understand without being told is considered below, should meet full warm think of " increase production to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland " , if there is a short porgy before you,special earthen jar is put in aquatic animals box,

Be not taken out again, discover when you mother fish begins to become yellow, and can be in expect of earthen jar mouth, go with the tail when fan fair fish waits a movement a moment, congratulation you, your short porgy be about to increase production dedicated oneself to the service of his motherland, right now, you need not change the habit that you feed, if you have the feed of taller nutrition value (if do not have section larva or small bug) might as well OK and some more aggravating scale, come according to normal procedure, must not too curious and go seeing them constantly, what can disturb them instead so is meddlesome. Generally speaking, short porgy is progenitive head concealment again gender and water quality, of course if your short porgy lived good a period of time, water quality should not be a problem, and below the case that in state-owned parent fish won't serious each other makes, breed should be but period, if fail tardy conjugate, criterion can try out is following method:

Fish of will state-owned parent is raised apart, and let them live next door, hello they let lie between a crock to see intentionally when feeding

If the face discovers they can be shown off each other and when mother fish becomes yellow apparently, can scoop up fair fish in the past

Mother aquarium, (It is fair fish scoops up past mother aquarium commonly, because be fair fish normally stronger, of course if you have a craven fair fish to may want to just go conversely then L! ) , of course you should place an earthen jar in mother aquarium, place some of thing that can hide, such OK and successful conjugate are successful, or else goes, it is two fish this life does not have a predestined relationship, you can consider to manage the current situation or change fish of a mother to try 啰 !

Lay eggs hatch

Will want to congratulation really again you, short porgy laid eggs, at this moment parent fish will be very busy, especially mother fish is 吋 pace does not leave the place that lay eggs more, also can drive too close other fish, so possible word, want to scoop other fish as soon as possible, lest bring down hatch leads the surviving rate with small fish, when scooping other fish, you can choose to be being fed before feeding, almost the fish is met get together wait for feed to the front of aquatic animals box, right now you shut electric lamp suddenly first, using flashlight illume, stand by the school that still carries not clear state slowly with fishnet, want carefully slowly, such your meetings are better scoop up a fish to wait for you to chase after all fish otherwise, that brood of egg is about the same also! ! L because at this moment parent fish is quite sensitive, regular meeting of sweat from every pore sweat from every pore has the case that takes egg, be divided hello feed with outside changing water, do not alarm as far as possible they. About 3 days are met hatch, make an appointment with 5 days again, mother fish can take small fish go on a tour, this is us want to see most delimit face! !
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