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Of the breed that fights a fish " gene and heredity "

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The leaf remaining part that this we want to talk fights a fish, it is the Show Betta that average overseas place weighs or Half Moon Tail. 90 time are prime, euramerican reform piece have hyperbole fim model leaf remaining part fights a fish. Be national condition probably is different, reform in Thailand counting a bottle of fish of hundred years is to enhancing tussle ability from beginning to end, and Euramerican the Thailand that develops a match beauty however fights a fish, leaf remaining part fights the feature with the biggest fish to depend on fin dissension, be in a rear particularly apparent, the caudal fim that leaf remaining part fights a fish, by base the ministry calculates case but fork 3 come 4 times, be equal to a fim but fork is 8 go to 16 (just arrive 3 times of 2 4 times square) , of course besides fork, patulous angle is very important also, the angle that in the leaf remaining part that outstanding environment grows normally the rear that fight a fish stretchs has 150 to spend 180 degrees, besides its pectoral fin outside tail fin also because of fin fork and become very lovely circle model. Double end leaf remaining part fights a fish also the fim because of fork and appear beautiful, the fim with full anyhow it is leaf remaining part fights a fish the biggest feature.

The fish that average person thinks fighting a fish is to had better be raised one, but this can want to see you is to use in light of the standard, be a principle with dying is very easy of course, but look,ability is moved, does such life character go? Health fights a fish happily, should be fin is big and long, and when if the light is bright,be being worn only everyday piece move what fin follows neighbour play the peacock is magnificent and martial, want to achieve this goal, want to help it look for a neighbour of course, nevertheless this is the first pace only, proper container, changeful cookbook, change water appropriately, favorable medical treatment, all has ability to reach us to let fight the ultimate goal with piscine happy health.

Fight piscine picture

Brunet body (the double end of Dark Body) (Double Tails) butterfly ala (Butterfly) fights a fish

Raise a bottle of fish proper container should have 3-4 liter above the least, otherwise water quality is controlled not easily, fecal chroma is exorbitant, also can affect the development of piscine fim, healthy even. Nutrient respect, besides grain feed, refrigerant bait and vivid bait must be used alternately, in order to maintain balanced nutrition, feed everyday feeding is more must, because fight a fish,not be able to bear or endure hunger feeds it rarely, complete disintegrate " hungry " a bottle of fish that power ability lets you have beauty. Trade the share of water, we can regard as with wind canal siphon, help him keep clear of everyday fecal, water level is too low fill again full water, can replace all jobs that change water.
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