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Short porgy is progenitive -- relatively the method of short porgy conjugate tha

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The short porgy that general aquaria sells, it is almost with man-to-man right (state-owned parent each one) selling, but actually already the short porgy with successful conjugate is not much! And the price with successful conjugate normally more expensive, be forced so oneself are bought help their conjugate again, list here relatively the method that often uses.

1. Natural conjugate law if if capital is abundant, raise together only more, can buy a few state-owned parents each, the mother's amount is more You Jia, look for an a bit bigger bowl to raise, after passing one week, meeting discovery has what two two travel shadow photographs follow among them is conjugate success, come to their fish out to raise again.

2. If law of two ground lovesickness has one to be opposite only when, raise state-owned parent fish apart a period of time, raise two respectively after stout and strong, put him together again, alleged full warm think of excessive desire, doleful and intolerable mood instant gets emancipatory, OK conjugate! But this law time needs longer, succeed more not easily also, try more patiently!

Short porgy picture

3. Law of strange feeling of with the passing of time will one fair one mother is put together raise, time became long conjugate of possible meeting, but fair fish can be chased after during this dozen, repellent mother fish, so the screen such as aquatic wants much place, hide aquarium lane a bit more complexly to mother fish, if aquarium is too small,do not have concealment place again, mother fish often is met black-and-blue exhausted and die, be breakneck! My mother Yindean is short before porgy is such faithful firm intense and dead...

4. 2 mothers one public law the experience with respect to me, this kind of method is the swiftest the easiest conjugate is successful, when especially should among them fish of a mother has oestrus appearance, be of hundred success almost! Want at the outset our home phoenix end is sauce child conjugate is successful, they do Lie of Mom of A fair A nowadays! Two female animal is together, natural meeting quarrels from jealousy, contend for strange bottle colourful, this is the law of nature applicable to both or all! Besides daughter chases after gauze of male secondary floor, hey. . . . . . 2 mothers fish a fair fish is raised in same crock, be based on competitive element, meeting actively attracts two mothers fish fair fish, normally fair fish can be chosen to come only in two mothers fish conjugate, the mother fish that wants to will not deserve to be opposite after conjugate is scooped up, two meetings that reach because of conjugate are chased after together dozen remain that.